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22 September 2015

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Race of the Classics

After several weeks of maintenance at the Anne-Margaretha (and enjoy the weather in the Netherlands), Heinz sails in mid-October with the team of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Race of the Classics for young professionals!
With about 20 other ships we measure our forces on the route Rotterdam-Ostend-Ramsgate-Ijmuiden (Amsterdam).
Once we won the first prize, that wonderful little boat, which still decorates our wheelhouse! (Heineken Race of the Classics in 2004).


 Along the Norwegian coast
The first ads appeared in newspapers last weekend and the responses already are coming in! On each trip, we have several logins and the trip from IJmuiden to Bergen is almost full!
Fortunately, there is still room for the Norway / Lofoten internees!
2-13 May, we sail along the Norwegian coast from Bergen up and we always find new beautiful places to moor or drop anchor. One of the highlights of this trip is always an ascent of the Svartisen Glacier, about 80km south of Bodø. The (old) blue ice is of such beauty that you rarely see!

The Lofotentrip, this year from Bodø to Harstad is from 17 to 28 May.
We’ll visit the Nusfjord (World Heritage list!), the gorgeous Troll Fjord and so still some other wonderful fjords and bays. We often see a group of killer whales foraging! From Bodø we follow the Norwegian coast to the Ofoten, a forgotten beauty of Norway (only accessible by boat). We know there the most beautiful bays !!
We do not need to make many nautical miles here, so we have plenty of time to walk and sail calmly through the landscape.

The trip from Harstad to Bear Island and Spitsbergen is already sold.


We make two trips:
Spitsbergen I: 16 t / m June 28
Spitsbergen II: 1 / m July 13

Both Spitsbergen trips are 13 days.
The difference between the two will be primarily on snow (and possibly ice). Also the birds breed in mid-June and therefore there are tens of thousands present. During the second Spitsbergen voyage there will be youngsters and thus more likely to see arctic foxes … If the snow on the tundra melts, soon little flowers grow! You will be surprised how many flowers are there to admire in Svalbard!
During both trips we expect to see polar bears (never a guarantee of course: they are wild animals that run wherever they want). Yet we have seen polar bears traveling on our Spitsbergen trips and we have a number of places where they are often seen!
Walruses we very often see: sometimes floating, and sunbathing on pack ice, sometimes just soak in the water. They are often very curious and be photographed close to the ship!
You fly to Svalbard (Longyearbyen) and starts again, so no (possible) rough sea voyage!

Bear Island-Spitsbergen-Tromsø
This “all-round” tour is very popular! This is a trip with a few days Spitsbergen, a day sailing, a tour on the spectacular Bear Island (where ships rarely come ..!) And then a sailing trip of about three days to the mainland of Norway. We try to spend along the Norwegian coast still a few nice days with hiking, swimming (!) and possibly fishing.
During the sailing trip we almost always see some, or groups of whales.
This trip is mid-late July and very gently the evening begins to dawn again. Really dark it will not be this trip to, in and from Spitsbergen! For many, something really to enjoy !!

But first now autumn!
We wish you all a beautiful yellow, red and brown leaves with beautiful autumn days!

Sailors Regards,

Greet and Heinz

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