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Sailing from Alderney to IJmuiden!

Last leg: to IJmuiden! (nr.25) From St.Malo tot the Channel Islands Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney Anne-Margaretha sails to the Netherlands! The planning will be Thursday morning through the locks of IJmuiden! She will be at home than since almost one year sailing her world trip! Heinz (photo: Anne-Margaretha on her own jetty… Just a pitty […]

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uitzicht S.Jorge

Newsletter July 2018

The Anne-Margaretha is Heading for Spain If you think it’s hot here in the Netherlands, ah, we look back to steamy Panama and Cuba for the quintessential tropical heat. It was hard to sleep on board with scanty wind in the harbor and night temperatures of > 30˚C …. We experienced such wonderful adventures these […]

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Galapagos 2018

Newsletter May 2018

To the Panama Canal In just a little while, the Anne-Margaretha will cross the Central America isthmus on the great Panama Canal, a passage of only one day! We hope that the authorities go through all the procedures quickly…. There are webcams posted on both the Pacific and the Atlantic side locks, and with a […]

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Anne-margaretha anchoring

Patagonia trip: looking back

8-04-2018 Impression Patagonia trip! For 3,5 weeks we sailed the channels in Patagonia. This uninhabitated wilderness was fascinating. Patagonian winds showed us their power and taught us to wait for a good weatherwindow. We started in Ushuaia (Argentina) and via a stop over in Puerto Williams (Chile) we sailed West through the Beagle channel. Via […]

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Sunset Atlantic Ocean

Beagle Channel!

In the end… We arrived in the Beagle Channel!! After the 2nd heavy storm on the Drake, we are longing for some sheltered water! Tomorrow morning ( March 9) we will arrive in Ushuaia! Heinz

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storm op zee met anne-margaretha

.. Drake-waves-wind-patience …

Message from Heinz: We are now in the not-to-avoid-storm ..! Regardless of how we counted, we would end up in a (strong) storm with this crossing over the Drake Passage to Ushuaia. The Anne-Margaretha is built on this! We have a storm jib and the 3x reefed mizze as support sail she then lies like […]

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Deception and Enterprise Island

Enterprise Island After a rather rough Drake Passage we arrived Monday at Deception Island. Some “stout” guests and crew were swimming in the vulcanic Pendulum Cove..! Thursday we’ve arrived at Enterprise Island. Follow the ship: Since we make/made 3 trips to Antarctica with about the same route, the co-ordinates (points) are about the same, so […]

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The Drake…

The Drake, You have to go over it, whether you want it or not … Some are partly staying in bed and think of … everything. Others will watch a movie if there are no albatrosses or other animal to see. Beautiful are the moments that you can steer: you with your little boat on […]

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ijs bikken van ijsberg antarctica

Newsletter January 2018

  Looking Back The Anne-Margaretha is now enjoying her second trip to Antarctica this season! The 1st trip went well: on the voyage out, we experienced an occasionally rather windy Drake Passage (read> 55 knots wind), and on the return trip there were moments of calm and unreal mirror-smooth water, followed by turbulent swells due […]

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zeeolifanten yankee harbour

Sea elephants in Yankee Harbour!

Sea elephants in Yankee Harbor! After Deception Island, where we visited the Argentine base, visited Whalers Bay and nobody (!) went into the warm water at Pedulum Cove .. (!!), we set course for Yankee Harbor. Would the elephant elephants be home now? Yes, fortunately for everyone the young males lay dozy and occasionally grunting […]

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