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ijsberg bij deception island

Mail from Anne-Margaretha to Greenland

Anne-Margaretha sails to Greenland and past by Jan Mayen yesterday. Everyday we’ll get the last updates! Here one of them!   Arctic Sailing 2016 Day 6 – First ice berg, first whale “ICEBERG off the port bow!” Thankfully the sea is pancake calm as we are now entering iceberg territory. We were 120 miles off […]

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Blue whale aside of the Anne-Margaretha – kopie

Bye, bye Spitsbergen

July 18, 2016 Farewell to Spitsbergen An impressive, windy trip to Spitsbergen (beginning of June) was rewarded withsitings of two polar bears hunting for seals in the Hornsund (South Spitsbergen.) We also saw belugas swimming near a glacier, reindeer nibbling on the tundra, many sea birds and remarkable scenery which made this trip complete! With […]

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sunlight mountains Longyearbyen Spitsbergen

To the Arctic on Anne-Margaretha (2)

It was great waking up to a clear day in Hornsund, our first anchorage on Spitsbergen after our ocean passage from Tromso. We were anchored just off the Polish research station so got kitted up for another hike ashore. Heinz led as he had the gun in case of bears. The rest of us were […]

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anne-margaretha spitsbergen

Polar bears and more in the Hornsund…

June 9, 2016 Spitsbergen, Hornsund We have arrived at the Hornsund Fjord. Sometimes it’s the simplicity of life you find here that is particularly touching. Or maybe it’s the apparent simplicity: life reduced to its essence. We sailed around, framed by steep jagged mountains which called to our rock climbers. We enjoyed a warm welcome […]

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anne-margaretha- bij bereneiland

To the Arctic on Anne-Margaretha

The worst part of this kind of holiday is the journey to the start point. We met the yacht Anne Margaretha in Harstad on the north coast of Norway after 56 hours of travelling including lost luggage and cancelled flights. We ended up going Auckland, Bangkok, Oslo, Evenes and then a bus to Harstad and […]

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Anne-Margaretha sailing Spitsbergen

Underway to Norway

21 April 2016 Underway from The Netherlands-Norway On day 4 of our voyage on Anne-Margaretha, we are making good progress towards Norway. The trip started off snaking through the canals of Holland, through locks and under bridges, past the bicycles of Amsterdam and out into the IJsselmeer where we shook out the sails and raced […]

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