Newsletter December 2022

14 December 2022

As December ends, 2022 is History!

We look back on stirring times this year including the sale of our beloved Anne-Margaretha.

After announcing this in the October Newsletter, we received a lot of heartwarming reactions from you! It was good to read how many people feel/have felt connected to our ship (and us)! Thank you very much for this!

The Anne-Margaretha is spending the winter in Enkhuizen again, bound for Norway and Spitsbergen at the beginning of April and finally to Iceland, her new home.

Heinz will sail the ship for a few more trips, together with the new owners Belén and Heimir, who will familiarize themselves with the ship completely as they sail together. Heinz will also share many of our legendary beautiful destinations!

Tilvera Expeditions

This Icelandic travel organization will make beautiful trips again with the Anne-Margaretha, to be renamed the “Tilvera”..
Fortunately, some of you have already found your way to the up and running Tilvera website. There, you can read the sailing itineraries as well as see each trip’s captain.

We are confident you will feel at home with this enthusiastic and highly skilled sailing couple!
Many of Tilvera’s mates have also sailed with us and will be familiar faces to you!


Christmas greetings

We wish everyone happy holidays and a good and especially healthy 2023!

Greet and Heinz

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