Sailing with the Anne-Margaretha

Join us for any and all portions of this year’s delightful sailing voyages.
Our destinations are: to the far North (Norway, Spitsbergen/Svalbard, Greenland) or to the far South (Antarctica, Patagonia, etc).
Sailing with us is enjoying the sea, exploring the coastal waters, swimming, hiking, climbing etc.
The group will be 15 persons max, and that’s why guests sometimes can have influence on the trip, (depending of weather and wind..!)

On the Anne-Margaretha we will give you a warm welcome and safe feeling. We want you to go home with a smile on your face and hundreds of beautiful pictures (also in your head..)

Photo Safaris

photographers SpitsbergenThe Anne-Margaretha is very suitable for fantastic photo safaris!  You can register as an individual or as a group. Our ship can reach places where bigger ships are not allowed to sail!  We are able to arrange a special program for your group if you make contact with us at least one year in advance.  Our speciality is the far North as Greenland and Svalbard and the far South as Antarctica, and Patagonia, but in between there are also many possibilities.

Sample photo safaris include 1. Whale safaris in the Azores, 2. Exploring the Gulf of Biscay, France, including a crossover to Spain.

Expeditions With a Biologist

Wildlife is different from a ship life: we can explore places where nobody will come…. The coast of Scotland and, of course, the Norwegian coast are El Dorados for biologists and other nature lovers. Your presence on the Anne-Margaretha brings these phenomena to life.


What Can You Expect on the Anne-Margaretha?

Lofoten uitleg kaartThe Anne-Margaretha is a sailing ship, built to meet all official Dutch maritime regulations. Every year we have to re-new our certificates and the ship is inspected very carefully! Our crew has all the certificates required to sail this ship.

Heinz and Greet are very experienced sailors and each have more than 40 years experience in sea sailing and expeditions to extreme areas.

We always try to find new regions in Svalbard and Antarctica and will visit as many as possible interesting places along the way. Our trips are dependent on weather, wind and ice, of course.

In the end, the captain will make the decision what can or cannot be…!

We offer no luxury cruise (other ships will provide in this), but we are much more flexible.

On board the Anne-Margaretha we have at least 2 mates/cooks who like it very much when guests lend a helping hand in the kitchen now and than.

Who Can Sail With Us?
Since our trips are rather active, you must be in (relatively) good condition. If you have any doubts, please email or phone us and we can advise you.

Our guests are between 17-79 years old.


Active Sailing With Us

All guests take part in the sailing (as much as possible).  During the sea-trips you will be part of a watch for 4 hours with an experienced leader and for 8 hours you’re free. We often sail day and night, so you will participate in the beauty of night sailing as well.

Would you like to visit the ship before booking?  Please let us know and we will see how we can make that happen.


Our crew do their utmost to make it a pleasant trip for everyone!
They take care of all meals, help with all activities on board and try to listen to the guests as much as possible.
It is greatly appreciated if you express your appreciation to them, perhaps accompanied by a tip.
This is not an obligation, but very appreciated!


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