Newsletter June 2022

13 June 2022

Anne-Margaretha now in Spitsbergen

A lot of happy people these past trips! After postponing their sailing trips, many guests were finally rewarded with wonderful experiences. They are happy and we are happy!

We are now on the journey from Tromsø to Spitsbergen. Due to some delays the first few days, partly because of the weather, we skipped Bear Isle to get to Spitsbergen as soon as possible.

I just received this message from Heinz:

“Yesterday (June 12th) was a day of superlatives: reaching Spitsbergen is already a special experience after all that hard work. But then came the arrival… of humpback whales everywhere, a few gray whales and a group of seals around the ship!!! Also spotted many puffins. Further into the Hornsund, there was still a lot of sea ice, so anchoring deep in the Sund was not possible.
We did see a lot of seals floating on ice floes … and then finally (!) a polar bear that was watching us from a snow slope. A little later he went down and walked along the coast… For dessert a group of belugas came by.
Now we are at the Polish station and are going to visit it soon…”

What a glorious first day!

Unexpectedly 2 places on the Spitsbergen 2 trip (July 5-16, 2022)

Completely unexpectedly, 2 guests had to cancel their Spitsbergen trip 2. So we now have 2 available spots. If you would like to join us, please contact me immediately, by phone or e-mail. First come…!

Program 2023

By this time, our sailing program is normally shipshape for the next season.
However, the 2023 season is not yet entirely clear, so stay tuned.
We hope to have more clarity in September when we’ll send out a newsletter and post information on the website.

We wish everyone a very nice summer, and maybe see you on board!

Best regards,
Greet and Heinz

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