Who are we?

Heinz Greet Antarctica

Who are we?

Heinz at Drake Passage Anne-Margaretha

The captains Heinz Wutschke and Greet Dekker are the proud owners of the 22-meter sailing vessel, the Anne-Margaretha, a ship we built ourselves. We have sailed more than 380,000 sea miles!
We once had a dream to sail our own ship together with friends and guests over the oceans and far away from the crowded life to enjoy everything that makes the sea so special.  Little by little, this dream has come true. We are still surprised by spectacular sunrises and sunsets, starry skies, moonlit and moonless nights, dolphins who play for hours alongside our ship and of course the whales, who swim alongside the Anne-Margaretha!

Our ship has completed four world trips: from the Netherlands via Portugal, across the Atlantic to Brazil, then south to Argentina, Patagonia and Antarctica.
Three times, our way back north went around South America along the Chilean coast to the Galápagos Islands, and returned via the Panama Canal to Cuba and Bermuda, crossing the Atlantic to the Azores and then home.

In 2014-2015 we took an alternative route home, visiting our dream destination South Georgia to Cape Town and home again and via the Azores.
We have already made 15 trips to the Arctic, to Spitsbergen and once even to Franz Joseph Land!

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Greet AntarcticaWe like to share sailing with other people. Our guests are a part of the on-board team, a caring community of experienced and novice sailors who learn navigation, steering, setting sails etc. to the extent they wish. We expect a helping hand in the kitchen now and then as we prepare our tasty meals together. We may even catch our own fish!

We welcome 10-11 guests on the Anne-Margaretha and our ship is big enough to for guests to be alone now and then.

During the sea-trips you will be part of a watch for 4 hours with an experienced leader and for 8 hours you’re free. We often sail day and night, so you will participate in the beauty of night sailing as well. The most important thing will be that you’ll make a once-in-a-lifetime sailing trip with the Anne-Margaretha you never will forget.

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