Newsletter October 2022

18 October 2022

Big changes..
It has been quiet for a while with little news from us.
The reason is that Heinz and I were taking a big step, which we were somewhat forced to take (because of our age): we sold our ship, the Anne-Margaretha, to a partner company in Iceland which brought us to Heimir and Belén: they were looking for a ship to be able to sail worldwide with guests.
They fell in love with the Anne-Margaretha and after a lot of thinking about whether we really wanted this, we finally took the plunge.
Our ship, an important part of our lives, would be in the good hands of younger sailors with a bright future ahead of them.
They gratefully accept Heinz’s offer to captain a few more trips for them next season (2023). We hope to take it easy on the detachment.

Mixed feelings
It’s hard to put into words what’s been going through our minds lately. Foremost was how we would tell our guests…. So many people who have wanted to sail with us for years; who made the trip of a lifetime and felt safe on our ship and included in the group…. We will miss you immensely.
We keep telling each other that this is really reasonable, but there is reason and then there are feelings.…

Heinz: “We have covered 176,000 NM with our ship across the world’s seas.
The high north attracted us, but also the deep south. We have sailed the Arctic Oceans, Norway above the Arctic Circle, the waters around Spitsbergen, East Greenland and even the Russian waters from Saint Petersburg to the northeast, the White Sea and further north, the islands of Franz Josefland; something that is no longer possible given the current political situation.

We also changed course to the south on our own keel. With peninsula Antarctica as the southernmost destination. The Drake Passage at its most turbulent with storms in excess of 85 knot winds has shown us how reliable our vessel is.
In the years we have had there, that trust has only grown stronger. We have seen incredible landscapes and a wealth of wildlife. The Channels of Patagonia, the Galápagos Islands, the Panamá Canal and all those islands of the North and South Atlantic have enchanted us and were our home for a while.
It is hard to say goodbye and we would be happy to visit again.
All those years were made possible because you, our guests and our mates, wanted to go on an expedition with us. The confidence you gave us and your commitment during these adventurous journeys helped us to bring everything to a successful conclusion. Thanks !

The ship…, she is a dream that we have realized. A shell that we built to live in. I remember, during a climb high on the rocks of Patagonia, the Anne-Margaretha was anchored deep below us with long lines on the trees. Very small in a wild, an and for people an unlivable landscape. This perspective gave me a view of what the ship has been for us: a small survival pod that makes it possible to explore this planet.
It was our home and we pass it on to new residents who will realize their dreams with it.”

New owners, well-known program
In consultation with us, Belén and Heimir have planned a number of trips you will recognize: along the Norwegian coast to Spitsbergen and then via the Lofoten to Húsavik, Iceland, where her new port will be.

Program 2023
I will put the complete program on the website, but the bookings will go through Belén and Heimir. Once their website is ready, their link will be on our site.
The prices are not fixed yet and will be published later on their website (which is still under construction). If you would like to have an indication, you can contact them:
Phone Belén: +35 484 109 06
Phone Heimir: +35 489 317 51

It’s nice that Greenland has been included in the program again!

Introducing Heimir and Belén:
Belén and Heimir are a lovely couple who came together to share dreams, passions and ambitions. Since they first met in 2017, they have worked hard to realize their common life dream and now it has finally come true: to own their own sailing ship.
What do they want with the ship? Creating and sharing their own lifestyle, exploring the beauty of our planet, challenging themselves and others, to live sustainably and in harmony with nature, to connect with like-minded people and friends while telling the world about the importance of protecting our oceans.
Heimir is from Húsavík, Iceland. He is an explorer and sailor at heart. He has captained whale-watching and sailing expeditions for over 20 years, mainly in the Arctic regions. He is the chief captain of the beautiful hybrid electric Schooner Opal, co-owner and manager of the family business North Sailing. With his captain’s license he can now sail worldwide.
Originally from Spain, Belén is a marine scientist who has devoted the last ten years of her life to studying the oceans. She led projects in ecotourism, whales, underwater acoustics and citizen science.
Belén also works as a naturalist guide and sailor and has sailed several places around the world, including to both poles. She is the founder of “Ocean Missions”, a non-profit organization in Húsavík that aims to inspire people to protect the oceans through a beautiful combination of science, education and sailing. She is now getting her captain’s license at the Enkhuizen Nautical School to sail around the world.

We wish you all the best and who knows, maybe we’ll see each other again.

Cordial greetings,
Greet and Heinz

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