Newsletter November 2015

22 November 2015

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The End of an Adventurous Year
The leaves have left the trees and the dropping temperature may discourage some, but for us this is the end of another remarkable year.
The Anne-Margaretha finished well in the Race of the Classics (4th over the line, placed 6th out of the 24 ships!), and now she’ll get a brand new rigging. The two masts went down and everything looked fine.  But after 10-15 yrs of service, the stainless steel needs replacement, since its elasticity is compromised and a breakage might occur. We simply won’t take that risk!

Of course there are always many things to do (that never stops…) on board. We want to repaint the inside this year, so anyone out there who would like to be part of the helping-team: you’re welcome to join us!  At her berth in Spaarndam the coffee is ready!

Season 2016 – Norway
This will be a bit of a different season than usual for us: we will not sail from Tromsø to the Netherlands (via Greenland and Scotland) ourselves. An English group, which we know well, will sail the ship over and will arrive at the beginning of September in the Netherlands. 
This is an exciting event for us: except for our son Sam, no one has ever sailed the ship without us… However, we have full confidence!

This means that we “only” have 6 trips to fill, and … they’re almost full or fully booked…! Booking was a quick study this year.
S1. The trip from the Netherlands to Norway is full. (From Stavanger to Bergen (= approx one week) There may be others who join us, because some will get off here. Give us a call to ask about the possibilities and conditions).
S2. ! The (bird) journey along the Norwegian coast (May 2-13: Bergen-Bodo) still have a number of slots (!)
S3. For the Lofoten trip there is still room for 2-3 guests.
S5. The 1st Spitsbergen trip has 1 two-pers. cabin available and two separate spots (one man / one woman).
S6. On the 2nd Spitsbergen trip we still have 1 cabin available.
S7. The trip from Spitsbergen via Bear Island to Norway is booked up.

For us, of course, this is great news, but doubters have to decide quickly!

We wish everyone a colorful autumn!

Sailors’ Regards,
Greet and Heinz

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