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ANNE-MARGARETHA Arctic Expeditions specializes in travel to the polar regions:
Antarctica, Spitsbergen (and Franz Joseph Land) in the Arctic have stolen our hearts!  In our beautiful ship we travel through this white landscape surrounded by the animals that live there.  We and our friendly and hospitable crew welcome you to an unforgettable trip on our beautiful, sturdy and safe sailing ship!

In Spitsbergen, curious whales swim alongside and under the Anne-Margaretha, walruses sidle up, thousands of birds chatter away in crowded rookeries, their breeding grounds, and we are awed by the beautiful polar bear, sometimes with one or two cubs! Everyone falls silent amidst the magnificent white to dark blue glacial ice gleaming under the ever present sun.
The majestic snow-powdered mountains of Spitsbergen, where Willem Barents had been so impressed by the sometimes unreal silence …. All that makes us yearn long for this far north.
On the other side of the world, we have been privileged many times to visit Antarctica! 

“I’m not here for the penguins, though! Only just for nature,”

we have heard several times from guests at the beginning of another journey to Antarctica … And these same people are often take the most pictures of the always funny penguins… “Indescribable” is the encounter with foraging humpback whales, who so beautifully exhibit their powerful tail while diving! Orcas who see the Anne-Margaretha as a toy and give us quite a scare on the left and right of the ship as they suddenly pop up! Leopard seals are so bold that they threaten to bite our mooring lines.  Your photos of Antarctica will be more beautiful than you could have ever imagined and will provide impressive memories of this voyage.  How can you now tell your family and friends about what you’ve seen.  Words fail to describe!

We will offer our guests an unforgettable trip on a beautiful sturdy and safe sailing ship with a friendly and hospitable crew!

Norwegian Fjords with Anne-Margaretha

Norway and Coasts

Travelling along the Norwegian coast is most fun on a ship! Anne-Margaretha Charters provides sailing trips for nature lovers, photographers and hikers to discover the fjords of Norway. We visit small islands, villages and often come upon glaciers on our mountain hikes. Come along with us, and sway with the waves. The sailing trip through the Lofoten is a journey into mysterious coves, where we rarely see other visitors. During this trip there is plenty of time for walks and hikes. We often see a group of foraging killer whales in this area, and ospreys are abundant.

The trips we offer here are:
P1 Sailing Trip (North Sea crossing) IJmuiden – Bergen: We sail to Stavanger and then take day trips to Bergen. The visit to the Prekestoelen in the Lysefjord is quite special.
P2 Bergen – Bodø, sailing among the islands off the west coast of Norway with a visit to one of the many bird islands, along with a trip to the Swartisen glacier (ice that varies in colors dark from blue-azure to white…!)
P3 Bodø – Tromsø, Our journey through the Lofoten Islands includes a visit to the Nusfjord (museum village), Henningsvaer and of course the Troll Fjord. We go fishing and searching for orcas!

Spitsbergen with Anne-Margaretha polar bears

Spitsbergen and Bear Island

Spitsbergen, is a dream come true! With the Anne-Margaretha we take a sailing trip from Tromsø to the seldom visited Bear Island. Then we sail to Svalbard in about one day! The Hornsund in the south is one of the most spectacular fjords of Spitzbergen: blue-white glaciers, icebergs, remnants of the whaling industry on shore and a chance to see polar bears, walruses, belugas …
The two sailing trips go to northern Svalbard. So many beautiful and unusual sitings: reindeers, puffins, arctic foxes, bearded seals are animals we often see. And of course we look for polar bears and walruses, not to mention the blue whale (seen 3x in 2016!)
The trip back to the Norwegian mainland via Bear Island is just as beautiful!
P4 Tromsø- Spitsbergen (Longyearbyen is the site of the airport)
P5 Spitsbergen Trip I
P6 Spitsbergen Trip II
P7 Spitsbergen- Bear Island- Tromsø

Zeilen over de Oceaan met de Anne-Margaretha

Ocean Crossings:

We do make some long ocean crossings! This is a perfect time to enjoy peace and quiet, far-away from all worries. Come back as a “changed person” and you will remain amazed every day at the beauty of sunsets and sunrises you witnessed on board.
No day is the same: you can catch your own meal with us, make contact with the birds that alight on the Anne-Margaretha, enjoy the company on board who are people like you aspiring to do “something else” than sit with their phone and Internet …. Because more than 30 miles from the coast = no contact. (For emergencies, we always have our satellite phone and other means of communication on board, of course!)

Three unique trips:
P8 Ocean Travel from Tromsø to the Netherlands (via the Orkney Islands?) Boarding in Tromsø and then non-stop sailing to northern England. Depending on weather and time we can go on land there during this sailing trip. Finally, to the Netherlands: IJmuiden / Spaarndam.
P12 Ocean Journey from the Cape Verde Islands to Salvador de Bahia (Brazil)
In Mindalo (Sao Vicente) you come on board and take the winds us to the other side! It will be a sailing trip with unbelievable beautiful skies and plenty of relaxation.
P22 Ocean crossing from Cuba to the Azores (with a short stopover in Bermuda)
This wonderful sailing trip begins in colourful Cuba and brings us (for a day foraging) to Bermuda. We then sail further to the Azores, where we arrive first at the westernmost island of Flores.
The sailing trip goes further to island Faial, the end point of this ocean voyage!

sailing Cape Verde

To The Warm South

If all the leaves are changing colors in September in the Netherlands, it is time for the Anne-Margaretha to leave for the warm South!
We offer three wonderful sailing trips to warmer climes: from the Netherlands we will sail along the French coast, first to Alderney, one of the Channel Islands and then go on to the north-west coast of Spain (Cies Islands?). We then continue along the Spanish coast to Cascais, the town at the mouth of the Tagus at Lisbon. This is the end of this trip.
The next sailing trip will be to Madeira (day ashore!) And then on to the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. Enjoy the wildlife around the ship (dolphins/whales?) and the wonderful weather. An occasional swim in the Ocean freshenes us up nicely.
From La Palma we head to La Gomera and then to the Cape Verde Islands. This sailing trip takes us to areas where we often spot whales (sperm whales and humpback whales).
Look for more details at:
P9 IJmuiden – Lisbon (Cascais)
P10 Lisbon (Cascais) – Canary Islands (La Palma, City: Santa Cruz)
P11 Canary Islands (La Palma) to the Cape Verde Islands (Sao Vicente / Mindalo)

Patagonia sailing expedition with the Anne-Margaretha

Sailing the Eastern Coast of South America

Salvador de Bahia, on the Northeast coast of Brazil, is a colourful starting point for this voyage.
We will sail along the coast, where we once saw whales birthing … (2010). While you swim with turtles and snorkel, you may be surprised by a curious dolphin!
There are beautiful islands dotting our route, and if the weather is pleasant, we will swim and snorkel there.
The sailing trip continues to the southern tip of Uruguay: Punta del Este. This is a popular seaside resort with beautiful beaches.
The next sailing trip continues to the south where the first albatross will be spotted! The air is noticeably fresher here, and after some days of sailing we will arrive at the Strait of Magellan where we enter the region of Patagonia. Our ship passes through customs in Punta Arenas (Chile ) and will quietly sail along the Patagonian coast to Ushuaia, the starting point of our Antarctic voyages.
For more information please contact:
P13 Salvador Bahía – Punta del Este
P14 Punta del Este – Ushuaia

Antarctica expedition with the Anne-Margaretha

Antarctica Expeditions

In 2017-2018, the Anne-Margaretha embarks again on expeditions to Antarctica.
This beautiful continent is a very popular destination these days! Because of our experience and the size of our ship, we are able to bring you to very special places that many ships cannot.
The whole group (max. 15 persons) can make landings and take tours in our two dingies.
Each Antarctica trip has something special. Besides the difference in daylight (during the 1st trip, there is both daytime and nighttime light), we will also witness an evolution of the penguin nests: during the first trip there are nesting birds and eggs in the rookeries; during the 2nd trip the young penguins are being cared for by their parents; on the third voyage, nests become “nurseries” where lanky teenagers await the return of their parents. Every year in this region we see more whales and leopard seals. We also regularly spot killer whales..! And we have not even talked about the impressive, dazzling scenery…!
For complete information on these journeys see:
P15 Antarctic expedition trip I
P17 Antarctic expedition trip III

Chilean coast Sailing with the Anne-Margaretha

Along the Western Coast of South America

We start our trip through Patagonia in Ushuaia and in 3.5 weeks sail via the “channels” and other northern waterways to Puerto Montt.
This impressive journey is already full (chartered), but the journey that follows along the Chilean coast has some availabilities.
From Puerto Montt, we sail directly to the Pacific. In previous years, a group of blue whales greeted our arrival … (Who knows!)
In more than three weeks, the southern winds and Humboldt Current will carry us northward. This widely unkown coast stole our hearts! Accompanied by pelicans and all kinds of birds that are only found here (Chilean bird guide is on board!), the air is becomes warmer while the Gulf Stream cools the water! We pass uninhabited islands (occupied by thousands of birds), visit the colorful city of Valparaiso (a World Heritage Site), and continue to the northernmost Chilean city, Arica.
More information about this last sailing trip:
P19 Puerto Montt-Arica: sailing trip along the Chilean coast

sailing Galapagos Islands

To and From the Galápagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands is the destination of this sailing trip from Arica (Chile). This is a relaxed trip with a nice breeze, and it appeals to the imagination. We arrive after a calm sailing trip of about two weeks. Along the way you can spot whales, rays, flying fish and all kinds of birds.
Arriving on the Galápagos Islands, you may decide to stay longer on your own.
You may decide to arrive early for a private visit prior to the Galápagos Islands. We embark from the Galápagos Islands on a sailing trip to Panama, where we’ll sign in for the passage through the mighty Panama Canal.
This passage is a very special day: deeply impressed by the great lock gates, we cross west to east, until arriving at the Caribbean Sea. The sailing trip continues to bustling Cuba, the end point of this trip.
Look for all the details:
P20 Arica – Galápagos Islands
P21 Galápagos islands- Panama (Canal) – Cuba

Cies Islands sailing with Anne-Margaretha

Azores – Spain – the Netherlands

We start in the Azore Islands in the Northern Atlantic, with a sailing trip among several islands, (including São Jorge, Terceira, Graciosa) where there will be plenty of time to explore the island on foot, by bike or car. It is truly a sailing-hiking holiday. The start and end point is the Faial island with the famous sailors’ place, Horta!
From Faial we leave for the ocean crossing to Spain. First, we pay a visit to the easternmost island of São Miguel and then begin the beautiful crossing over the Atlantic to Spain (La Coruña). This charming town is well worth an additional day’s visit!
From La Coruña we have a wonderful crossing of the Bay of Biscay to the always beloved St. Malo. Then we make a sailing trip to one or more Channel Islands (Alderney, Guernsey, Jersey, Sark). We will take the time to explore the island(s) and continue our journey along the French coast. Perhaps we can even visit the historic city of Dieppe.
Then the journey continues to the Netherlands: IJmuiden and as an endpoint Spaarndam. This is the end of our 4th world!
See for more details:
P23 Azores sailing round trip
P24 Azores (Faial) to La Coruña (Spain)
Spain – Channel Islands – The Netherlands

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