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ANNE-MARGARETHA Arctic Expeditions specializes in travel to the polar regions:
Antarctica, Spitsbergen (and Franz Joseph Land) in the Arctic have stolen our hearts!  In our beautiful ship we travel through this white landscape surrounded by the animals that live there.  We and our friendly and hospitable crew welcome you to an unforgettable trip on our beautiful, sturdy and safe sailing ship!

In Spitsbergen, curious whales swim alongside and under the Anne-Margaretha, walruses sidle up, thousands of birds chatter away in crowded rookeries, their breeding grounds, and we are awed by the beautiful polar bear, sometimes with one or two cubs! Everyone falls silent amidst the magnificent white to dark blue glacial ice gleaming under the ever present sun.
The majestic snow-powdered mountains of Spitsbergen, where Willem Barents had been so impressed by the sometimes unreal silence …. All that makes us yearn long for this far north.
On the other side of the world, we have been privileged many times to visit Antarctica! 

“I’m not here for the penguins, though! Only just for nature,”

we have heard several times from guests at the beginning of another journey to Antarctica … And these same people are often take the most pictures of the always funny penguins… “Indescribable” is the encounter with foraging humpback whales, who so beautifully exhibit their powerful tail while diving! Orcas who see the Anne-Margaretha as a toy and give us quite a scare on the left and right of the ship as they suddenly pop up! Leopard seals are so bold that they threaten to bite our mooring lines.  Your photos of Antarctica will be more beautiful than you could have ever imagined and will provide impressive memories of this voyage.  How can you now tell your family and friends about what you’ve seen.  Words fail to describe!

We will offer our guests an unforgettable trip on a beautiful sturdy and safe sailing ship with a friendly and hospitable crew!

The Norwegian Coast

The Norwegian coast

It doesn’t get any better than sail cruising the Norwegian coast… Because we have been sailing here with our ship the Anne-Margaretha for years, we know all kinds of hidden bays, anchorages and nice towns and villages!
A day before we arrive in Norway, the high mountains lure us from a distance!
Our journeys start in the spring of 2022 when nature is just awakening. Some mountain tops are still snowy. We have often had wonderful temperatures in April-May here. (No guarantee of course!)
Photographers, hikers, nature lovers … everyone can indulge in their passion. We regularly see osprey, puffins and sometimes groups of orcas here.
Highlights such as the Prekestulen, the Trollfjord and the Swartisen Glacier are of course on the program.
We alternate sailing and hiking which makes a trip along the Norwegian coast an impressive experience!
These trips are:
M1 The Netherlands – Bergen: a 3-day sailing trip over the North Sea and then a leisurely and calm sail through the fjords. We will of course visit the Prekestule in the Lysefjord!
M2 Bergen – Bodø: We sail from one bay to the next fjord and arrive at all kinds of special places where you can walk. During this trip we will visit the Swartisen glacier.
M9 Bodo – Netherlands

sunset Reine Lofotes

The Lofoten

According to the Norwegians, this is the most beautiful part of Norway, and we will take extensive time meandering here. In Bodø we embark on a trip of discovery through this impressive part of Norway.
If the weather and the wind are good, we will immediately cross over to Reine, where we are often treated to stunning sunsets over a beautiful bay! If it is more advantageous to stay on the west coast in terms of wind, we will sail first to the Ofoten: also a lovely area with beautiful anchorages!
From Reine (Lofoten) we continue to the museum village of Nusfjord, where we will lie along a quay with cackling seagulls. (They are usually quiet at night!) This is a perfect place for amazing mountain hikes, self-guided or in a group.
After 2 nights we will sail on and arrive in Henningsvaer in the evening. This picturesque village with nice shops is really worth a visit.
We then continue on to the Trollfjord and later to a few other fairytale-like fjords and bays to anchor. Finally, the journey ends in lively Tromsø.
In autumn 2022 we’ll make this trip also, starting from Tromsø ending in Bodø.

M3 Bodø – Tromsø (LOFOTEN TRIP 1 )
M8 Tromsø – Bodø (LOFOTEN TRIP 2)



Spitsbergen, a dream come true! The Anne-Margaretha travels from Tromsø to the rarely visited Bear Island. We then sail on to Spitsbergen in about 1.5 days! The Hornsund in the south is one of the most spectacular fjords of Spitsbergen: blue and white glaciers, icebergs, remnants of whaling ashore and the chance of polar bears, walruses, belugas …
We make four sailing trips to / in Spitsbergen.
From Tromsø we sail via Bear Island to Spitsbergen with the final destination Longyearbyen. The two journeys in Spitsbergen go along the west coast to the north. Ice, wind and weather will determine how far north we can get. The trips begin and end in Longyearbyen (easy to reach by plane!)
You have rarely seen so many beautiful things. Reindeer, puffins, arctic foxes, bearded seals, whales and walruses: all animals that we often see. And of course we look for polar bears, not to mention the blue whale (we have seen them regularly in recent years!)
In the end we make make the beautiful sailing trip from Spitsbergen to Bear Island and Tromsø.
M4 Tromsø – Bear Island – Spitsbergen
M5 Tour of Spitsbergen 1
M6 Tour of Spitsbergen 2
M7. Spitsbergen – Bear Island – Tromsø

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