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Newsletter December 2022

As December ends, 2022 is History! We look back on stirring times this year including the sale of our beloved Anne-Margaretha. After announcing this in the October Newsletter, we received a lot of heartwarming reactions from you! It was good to read how many people feel/have felt connected to our ship (and us)! Thank you […]

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Newsletter October 2022

Big changes.. It has been quiet for a while with little news from us. The reason is that Heinz and I were taking a big step, which we were somewhat forced to take (because of our age): we sold our ship, the Anne-Margaretha, to a partner company in Iceland which brought us to Heimir and […]

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Newsletter June 2022

Anne-Margaretha now in Spitsbergen A lot of happy people these past trips! After postponing their sailing trips, many guests were finally rewarded with wonderful experiences. They are happy and we are happy! We are now on the journey from Tromsø to Spitsbergen. Due to some delays the first few days, partly because of the weather, […]

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walruss with young Svalbard

Newsletter April 2022

Just a few more weeks… The weather is getting nicer and the departure date of the Anne-Margaretha is approaching…! The ship is now on the slipway in Den Helder for its annual painting and inspection. As soon as new cables are pulled into the mast, then she’ll go back into the water asap. At this […]

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to the Trolfjord Lofotes

Newsletter February 2022

Preview to the 2022 season The Anne-Margaretha is patiently waiting in Enkhuizen until April when she can sail with us again to the “High North”! After her delightful annual voyages, Heinz works busily during the winter, making the ship tiptop shape again. We regularly receive visitors who enjoy hearing of her expeditions while checking out […]

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Newsletter December 2021

Looking forward with optimism The Anne-Margaretha is back at her winter berth in Enkhuizen. Aside from the usual maintenance, we don’t have any major “renovations” in mind, but you never know.… Despite the uncertain times, we will continue to prepare for next season. Fortunately, many of you are also optimistic and the bookings are coming […]

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Road sign Spitsbergen

Newsletter October 2021

Still a Successful Season! The run-up to the 2021 season was very difficult and uncertain. Our nimbleness was truly put to the test! We had to cancel five of the eleven trips due to precautionary measures; there was that surprise engine predicament and quick replacement, and to top that off, the entrance rules to Norway […]

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Orkas Lofoten

Newsletter August 2021

Anne-Margaretha is on her way! It was a cliffhanger until the last moment this summer: would we allowed to sail or not? With a stroke of good luck, we were able to make our Spitsbergen trips as planned! Everyone was very happy once we hoisted the sails and agreed that vaccination compliance and test bumps […]

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Newsletter June 2021

Trial Run On June 10, we started out on our first sea voyage in a long time… On the IJsselmeer there appeared to be a problem with the engine: the oil pressure dropped, etc. Fortunately, we were still in the Netherlands and got to work on the engine in Harlingen’s harbor. After some real consideration, […]

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Newsletter April 2021

Dear all, How are we all doing? As everyone will understand, we collectively face travel dilemmas: will it still be possible to make several or any trips this season. Is there an alternative, what can we count on/hope for …? Every day we collect as much (factual) news as possible from our government,  about Norway’s […]

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