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Road sign Spitsbergen

Newsletter October 2021

Still a Successful Season! The run-up to the 2021 season was very difficult and uncertain. Our nimbleness was truly put to the test! We had to cancel five of the eleven trips due to precautionary measures; there was that surprise engine predicament and quick replacement, and to top that off, the entrance rules to Norway […]

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Orkas Lofoten

Newsletter August 2021

Anne-Margaretha is on her way! It was a cliffhanger until the last moment this summer: would we allowed to sail or not? With a stroke of good luck, we were able to make our Spitsbergen trips as planned! Everyone was very happy once we hoisted the sails and agreed that vaccination compliance and test bumps […]

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Newsletter June 2021

Trial Run On June 10, we started out on our first sea voyage in a long time… On the IJsselmeer there appeared to be a problem with the engine: the oil pressure dropped, etc. Fortunately, we were still in the Netherlands and got to work on the engine in Harlingen’s harbor. After some real consideration, […]

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Newsletter April 2021

Dear all, How are we all doing? As everyone will understand, we collectively face travel dilemmas: will it still be possible to make several or any trips this season. Is there an alternative, what can we count on/hope for …? Every day we collect as much (factual) news as possible from our government,  about Norway’s […]

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Makeoya Svalbard

Newsletter February 2021

We quietly await… There’s been a real Dutch winter this year, and the Anne-Margaretha has been “enchanted,” otherwise known as “frozen” in Enkhuizen’s waters. We celebrate a bit of winter magic…! Like everyone else, we must wait to see how all the safety precautions and vaccine rollouts go during the Covid-19 pandemic. Norway maintains its […]

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Newsletter December 2020

To our Guests, Interested people, Friends and Family, The bizarre year 2020 is coming to an end. So much has happened to all of us this year. We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are in good health; that is of course the most important thing! We have all experienced a life that […]

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Newsletter autumn 2020

We keep making plans. After a season of not sailing…, we are looking ahead to next year. Of course no one knows what that season will look like, but we remain optimistic. Fortunately, many of you are also looking ahead to next year’s sailing season. Our 2021 Sailing Program is now online. The ship awaits […]

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Newsletter June 2020

2020, a different season… Like many of our fellow skippers / ship owners, we also have a “lost” season this year. The consequences of the virus are great in our travel industry ..! Norway will keep the borders closed to us until at least August 20… Of course you always have to see it in […]

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Heinz Greet Antarctica

Newsletter March-April 2020

A rather different Newsletter than usual… The entire world is in the grip of the novel coronavirus/Covid-19…. We are all trying to survive this together, and yet from a distance: taking care of each other and ourselves… We hope that you and your loved ones will weather this crisis safely, and that we can sail […]

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hike Lofoten

Newsletter January 2020

Wintertime for the Anne-Margaretha Our new berth at Willemsoord/Den Helder became active quickly. It is even more sheltered, and this old yard is becoming very attractive to visitors. (Worth a visit!) Heinz has completely cleaned and painted the fresh water and dirty water tanks these past few weeks:a big job deep inside the ship. Fortunately […]

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