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Anne-Margaretha in Yankee Harbour

28 January 2015 Yankee Harbour Ushuaia was clear at midnight when I arrived and basking in sunshine the next morning. Caught the Anne Margaretha ok and Wednesday afternoon we left sunny, hot Ushuaia at about 1pm to sail down the (photo: Harberton) Beagle Canal to anchor at Harberton at midnight – you can drive there […]

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Anne-Margaretha leaves warm Ushuaia !

January 24  2015 ( photo: Harberton) On Wednesday the international group ( 6 nationalities!) came on board on the Anne-Margaretha in Ushuaia. After all the official paperwork we sailed on the Beagle Chanal to Estancia Harberton, where we dropped the ancre.Unbelievable how hot is was: > 30 degrees Celsius! Swimming, taking a sunbath was not […]

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Life on board near the equator…

Siesta for all Sat. October 25 2014 Sometimes you have afternoons which are exactly how you thought they would be on a sailing ship in the tropes: the sun just right above your head, a cool breeze in the front, lightly cracking sails and murmuring waves… You are steering a bit. And nothing else. Whoever […]

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Unexpected Company on Board…

(Photos available in some weeks!) The Anne-Margaretha; October 23, 2014 Sometimes I’m touched by contingencies, which upset me. But sometimes events give you a special feeling and you feel privileged that you are part of this… Birth, death, but also meetings can give that to me. Suddenly… This morning I woke up and heard that […]

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Almost in Spain!

September 13  2014 The Anne-Margaretha left the Netherlands last Sunday with good winds! The sea was calm and everybody was happy! Sailing along the Belgium and French coast with wind from the East and all sails on was really enjoying the trip! After a short stay in Cherbourg the Anne-Margaretha crossed the last 2 days […]

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