Unexpected Company on Board…

27 October 2014

(Photos available in some weeks!)

The Anne-Margaretha; October 23, 2014

Sometimes I’m touched by contingencies, which upset me. But sometimes events give you a special feeling and you feel privileged that you are part of this…
Birth, death, but also meetings can give that to me.
This morning I woke up and heard that a little predatory bird has alighted on the ship… He sits near the hatch of the ship’s “salon” under the lifeboat. I can get as close as 40 cm to her/him.
Unlike other nearby birds, he had bright look that fascinated me, so I decided to offer him a piece of meat, and he liked it very much!
He rapidly overcame his shyness and looked down from the hatch to me.
And so we are becoming companions on this very special trip…!

torenvalk op Anne-MargarethaFriends!
The Anne-Margaretha; October 24, 2014 – Atlantic Ocean 07°11.84’N:026°08.01’W

He/She(?) eats from my hand. If I hold up my hand with meat, she flies to me and eagerly takes the meat. With a claw she tears up the food into small pieces and swallows it up!
During this dinner we observe each other cautiously, but I also see in her big eyes respect and a certain spirituality about the wonderful mystery of life.
I have never seen such a beautiful bird’s head in my life. We just found out it’s a windhover.
In the meantime we have given this noble bird a name: Noël!

Free birds…
Anne-Margaretha; October 25, 2014

What’s it about free birds… and me?
I meet them on board of my ship, somewhere in the street, in the train or somewhere else. Sometimes are they part of the circle of family and friends.
You are touched by a look, a gracious movement, eyes or an elegant flight nearby.
This same feeling can come from conversations with people who make you look differently, giving you new perspectives on yourself. Also being silent together can give a sensational feeling. There is always the solidarity that you’re feeling, especially if you know the farewell is near.
We say: good-bye, stay safe, feel good, see you soon…
You find comfort in thinking: nice to have met you!
And so she flew high in the sky today and went away with the wind to the west…

And us? We are approaching the equator and hope to see Neptune!

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