Underway to Norway

21 April 2016

Anne-Margaretha sailing Spitsbergen

21 April 2016

Underway from The Netherlands-Norway

On day 4 of our voyage on Anne-Margaretha, we are making good progress towards Norway. The trip started off snaking through the canals of Holland, through locks and under bridges, past the bicycles of Amsterdam and out into the IJsselmeer where we shook out the sails and raced towards the picturesque town of Enkhuizen.
A very early morning start took us up to Texel and out into the North sea where to our surprise it was beautifully sunny, though quite windy and fresh. Wrapped up against the cold we took it in turns to steer through the oil rigs, lit up in the night sky like cities full of skyscrapers.
As the weather calmed down to a steady gentle wind the crew settled into the rhythm and routine of the ship. Now we are starting to look out for the coast of Norway.

Greetings from Colette and crew from the ship!

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