To Konevets Island (Russia)

22 June 2013

22 June 2013

After a beautiful day at anchor in the Ladoga Lake, near the tallest lighthouse in Europe …. we are in the evening anchor went on and we enjoyed an overnight sailing trip on the immense lake Ladoga. The Russian’s mysterious lake has many faces. Last night there was hardly any wind and the night watch was able to enjoy many mirages : Is that land in sight ?? No! Sailboats flying in the air … ???! An iceberg?? Never seen mirages like here..!

Regularly we conjured up seals, (Yes, certain species have adapted to this fresh water!)
The sun rose and shone wonderfully under some pink to dark red clouds. Never a dull moment during this watch!!
In the morning at around 4:00 am the Anne-Margaretha moored at Konevets Island very rickety scaffolding. During the morning the women guests made up a skirt (!) and headscarves to be allowed to enter the Orthodox monastery. (Man can wear “normal” clothes.)
We were all very impressed with the buildings they worked hard to renovate after years of decline. Two monks sang beautiful songs in one of the churches.
There was a delicious calm around the monastery and the weather and the beautiful woods made for the perfect picture.
We now feel that we have really entered into Old Russia.
We send everyone happy and affectionate greetings back home!

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