Spitsbergen, June 22

22 June 2015

swimming on spitsbergenYesterday the longest day! This day we had to celebrate in a special way! From the Magdalenafjord we sailed on to the north to the Smeerenburg fjord, where the Dutch had a doubtful past… (Too many whales cached in the 17th century!)

Time was up for a polar bear… In the end Sylvia saw 2 polar bears ashore! Of course just next to a swallow part of the water, so we couldn’t reach them easy, but still!
The pack ice this year is very south and the entrance of the Smeerenburgfjord is full of drift ice. Heinz is zigzagging in between it very precise; a thick fog is coming up. Fortunately the mist goes away at the Fuglefjord and the sun comes through! But also here a lot of ice, so we cannot reach the anchorage we were looking for at Sallyhamna.

Than  plan B, but not before Julie, Sigrid and Samuel have taken an ice bath/ swim from an ice shelf! They really earned their Certificate Naked Swimming in polar waters ( at 79.49 north).
Than through the ice back to the Magdalenafjord. At once Heinz spots again a polar bear! He is eating very tasty a walrus! Good to see that sometimes there is enough to eat for them. The fact that the pack ice is so southerly this year gives walruses and seals to them.

In the full night sun we toast on this beautiful day!!

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