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Whales party alongside the Anne-Margaretha

February 4 2015 Whales party! The first whale we saw this trip was about 20 miles off the coast of the South Shetland Islands . Astrid and Alison saw during their watch a blow blown into the air in the distance and popping tail. Anyone who wanted to come out of his bed saw at […]

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Life on board near the equator…

Siesta for all Sat. October 25 2014 Sometimes you have afternoons which are exactly how you thought they would be on a sailing ship in the tropes: the sun just right above your head, a cool breeze in the front, lightly cracking sails and murmuring waves… You are steering a bit. And nothing else. Whoever […]

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Unexpected Company on Board…

(Photos available in some weeks!) The Anne-Margaretha; October 23, 2014 Sometimes I’m touched by contingencies, which upset me. But sometimes events give you a special feeling and you feel privileged that you are part of this… Birth, death, but also meetings can give that to me. Suddenly… This morning I woke up and heard that […]

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Arrived at Franz Joseph Land (Russia)

July 16 2013 Arrived at Franz Joseph Land (> 81º N., north of Nova Zembla) Yesterday, July 15th, we arrived at about 24:00 in Franz Joseph Land! The fog kept the country hidden from us for long while, but finally it lifted and the land loomed ahead. In the bay were 4 to 6 walruses […]

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To Konevets Island (Russia)

22 June 2013 After a beautiful day at anchor in the Ladoga Lake, near the tallest lighthouse in Europe …. we are in the evening anchor went on and we enjoyed an overnight sailing trip on the immense lake Ladoga. The Russian’s mysterious lake has many faces. Last night there was hardly any wind and […]

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Bye bye Cuba

Goodbye Cuba 10 June 2010 Cuba …. It requires perseverance to enter the harbor … But then you’re also in a country that is not so different to compare. For me it was the first visit and it did not disappoint. The rather large marina is deserted, as the hurricane season arrives. We are welcomed […]

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The Panama Canal

At 05.45 precisely the pilot came on board. We had been required to pay bribes, and despite our protests, we have an AIS on board …. (Well, it’s Panama after all…) He was a nice man with stories to tell about the turbulent history of this canal. In 1977 the transfer of the canal began […]

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Potvis Pico

On our way to the Galapagos Islands

10 May 2010 The sperm whale and other sealife Peter: I see a blow …, but it could also be a vented … wave crest. Another blow, but maybe not …. Then Esther calls out, “WHALE!” Straight ahead a powerful animal swims towards us! A big wave is causing a whale, a male sperm whale […]

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Anne-Margaretha anchoring at Isla Santa-Maria Chili

The last miles to Arica (Chile)

24 April 2010 There is a light southerly wind. We left Isla Santa Maria yesterday, and are traveling north again. We had anchored two days in the narrow channel between the mainland and Isla Santa Maria, opposite some huts. The island was completely bare, but populated by thousands of pelicans, vultures, cormorants. The weather was […]

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Leopard Seal bijt in touw

Antarctica always suprises us!

It had been a beautiful day with “whale weather”: one minke whale, about 10 meters long, was very interested in the Anne-Margaretha. To the delight of all those on board s/he played hide and seek with the ship and came close to breaking the surface. Everyone ran from port to starboard to miss none of […]

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