Salvador da Bahia- Montevideo Punta del Este 2014

A15. Salvador da Bahia, Brazil– Montevideo, Uruguay (Punta del Este)

A15This is a breathtaking trip!!
Last time, when we made this trip we were overwhelmed by the following spectacular impressions:
many sea animals such as whales (Humpbacked whales are calving in these waters at this season!!),
sea lions, sea turtles, a lot of colorful big fish, etc.
We will visit some tropical islands like Isla Bárbara (Parque National Marinho dos Abrolhos) and
you can snorkel amongst the marine life.
The end of this trip is the nice beach, Punta del Este (Urugay).
It’s great to stay here some more days. (Hostels available on the Internet).

Dates: 11-28 November 2014
Days: 18
Miles: 1730
Price: € 895- € 995* per person in a 2-person cabin

*The highest price is for a midship cabin with private bathroom
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