Spitsbergen – Bear Island – Tromsø 2022

M7. Spitsbergen – Bear Island – Tromsø

July 18-29, 2022

This journey starts in Longyearbyen on the Svalbard Archipelago.

We still will stay in Spitsbergen for a few days: after Longyearbyen we’ll sail into the Isfjord  to Tryghamna (overnight)  and than we sail to the south, anchoring in the Recherche Fjord. This area is known for its plentiful fossils. There are often a group of reindeer grazing here.  We also look forward to spotting polar bears, beluga whales, Arctic foxes and whales here.

After the Recherchefjord our ship continues south to the very impressive Hornsund, with its high, snowy mountains and beautiful coves. We will explore the Hornsund during several days.

Eventually we will leave Spitsbergen behind and cross over to Bear Island. With a favourable wind, we will anchor at the weather station and go ashore there.

After 1 or 2 days on Bear Island we will cross to the mainland of Norway, where we enjoy meandering through its beautiful bays. Hopefully we will encounter whales and killer whales (often seen here)!

We finally arrive in cozy Tromsø, Norway on the evening of July 28,or the morning of July 29 at the end of our journey.


Dates:  July 18-29 July 2022
Price: € 1650/ € 1750* p.p. in a 2-persons cabin
Miles: 600
Days: 12

* The highest price is per person is for a spot in one of the two middle cabins with private shower and toilet. The four 2-person front cabins share 2 toilets and 2 showers.


On board: July 18 at 12.00 pm in Longyearbyen
Of board:  July 29 before noon in Tromsø

!! With sailing, we are always dependent on wind and weather!! When booking the home trip, always take into account any late arrival. Book your flight at the end of the disembarkation day or even better, the next day. All kinds of accommodation options can be booked via the Internet.

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