Bergen – Bodø 2022

M2. Bergen-Bodø
May 8 – 19,  2022

From the cozy Norwegian town of Bergen, the Anne-Margaretha departs on May 8 northbound on this journey. The nights are getting shorter!
The Anne-Margaretha has made this trip many times and every year we find new impressing places/bays!

This is an excellent trip for photographers (The famous light!) and birdwatchers. Of course you can also fully enjoy this wonderful part of Norway as a non-photographer/ birdwatcher.  Everything is even more imposing from the water!
Sometimes we throw a fishing rod into the fjords to catch our fish dinner together.
It is still breeding season at this time and we will see thousands of seabirds, such as gannets, puffins and sea eagles. We will sail via Fugleoya where many birds breed in the nearby nature reserve.
Of course we will visit the impressing Swatisen glacier ( see photo)! We will be impressed by the blue ice and view!

On this trip we cross into the Arctic Circle (66˚30’NB), which of course is worth a party! After this wonderful trip we will arrive in Bodø in the evening of May 18th or in the morning of May 19th.  Please note that we are always dependent on the wind and the weather conditions.

This trip ends on May 19th at 12:00 PM. Book a flight home just at the end of that day as a precaution. Better yet: rent a ho(s)tel room and fly out the next day. The surroundings of Bodø are definitely worth a closer look!

Dates: May 8-19 2022
Price: € 1050 / € 1150 * p.p.
Miles: approx. 600
Days: 12

* The higher price per person is for a spot in one of the two middle cabins with private shower and toilet. The four 2-person front cabins share 2 toilets and 2 showers.


On board: Sunday, May 8th at 12:00 PM in Bergen, Norway (near the Old Town)
Off board: Saturday, May 19th before noon in Bodø, Norway

!! With sailing, we are always dependent on wind and weather!! When booking the home trip, always take into account any late arrival. Book your flight at the end of the disembarkation day or even better, the next day. All kinds of accommodation options can be booked via the Internet.

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