Iceland – Greenland – Iceland 2021

B10. Iceland – Greenland-Iceland

August 28 – September 14, 2021

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This special trip begins on Saturday, August 28 in Akureyru on the north coast of Iceland.

We sail to the exit of the fjord and either go for the first night to Grimsey, or we will immediately start the crossing to Greenland (all depending on weather and wind).


This is a wonderful 2-3 day sailing trip. We cross to the east coast of Greenland to the spectacular Scoresby Sund.

Ittoqqotoormiit is located at the entrance of this fjord. (Approx. 100 inhabitants). We go ashore and the next morning, sailing through the Vikingebugt to a natural harbor: Hekla Havn near the island of Denmark where we can take beautiful walks.

The journey then continues through the Fonfjord to Hjørnedal. We sail all the way around the island of Milneland and the last anchorage, Jytteshavn at Bjørneøer. We will go ashore at every anchorage, if possible (polar bears …, ice floe …).

After about 9 days we will sail back to the exit of the Scoresby sund and start the crossing to Iceland (Akureyri).

There are spectacular sunrises and sunsets along the way and a great opportunity to spot whales (humpback whales, sperm whales, Greenland whales) and killer whales!

Finally, we arrive in Akureyri, the place from where you can board the plane on September 13th in the evening, (or September 14 in the morning.) You can also drive to Reijkjavik by bus or rental car, if you want to see a bit more of the country! (Now that you’re there…)

Since we are completely dependent on weather, wind and ice conditions in these regions, we cannot say exactly where we are per day. (Safety before everything!!)


Dates: August 28 – September 14 2021
Miles: to Greenland ca 260 M;
trip through Scoresbysund till Iceland = ca. 600 M
Price: On request
(limited places available)

Days: 18

On board: August 28 at 12.00 pm in Akureyri
Of board: September14 before 12.00 pm in Akureyri



!! With sailing, we are always dependent on wind and weather!! When booking the home trip, always take into account any late arrival. Book your flight at the end of the disembarkation day or even better, the next day. All kinds of accommodation options can be booked via the Internet.


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