Spitsbergen – Bearisland – Tromsø 2020

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W8. Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen)- Bear Island- Tromsø
August 1 – 11, 2020 ( BOOKED UP!)


This is a very special and varied voyage. Beginning with a few days sailing along the Norwegian arctic island of Spitsbergen, we will visit Bear Island in the Barents Sea, followed by a 3-day sail to Norway’s mainland. There we will meander through the Norwegian fjords, to this trip’s destination, the town of Tromsø!

On Saturday August 1 we leave the port of Longyearbyen and sail through the Isfjord to Trygghamna (= Safe harbor ..) to an anchorage. We’ll take a nice evening walk, enjoying the serene atmosphere of this lovely area.
The next day we’ll sail along the coast to the south and visit the Recherchefjord, to a beautiful anchorage. This is a beloved area for belugas, so who knows …. (Their singing can often be heard inside the ship, but they are shy, and do not show themselves often on the water’s surface.)
During the landing we hope to see the same group of reindeer, which we frequently see grazing at this spot. You also can discover fossils here!
We then continue our voyage to the south, to the Hornsund, the most impressive fjord of West Spitsbergen! Because of the many glaciers here, there are often icebergs and we are going to see how far we can sail into the fjord, always searching for polar bears, of course!
After the overnight stay, we set course for Bear Island, about a 2 days crossing. If the wind is fair, we will visit the Norwegian weather station on the island where fans can get the “Certificate of Nude Swimming in Arctic Water!”
Depending on the amount of time remaining, we will take a walk on Bear Island, home to thousands of seabirds: from kittiwakes to puffins!
Then we again choose the open sea and search for whales and killer whales. After about three and a half days of sailing, we arrive along the coast of Norway, and will sail between the islands enjoying the impressive (green!) mountains.
Finally, we will arrive in the cozy student city of Tromsø on the evening of August 10th or on the morning of August 11th.

Dates: August 1-11 2020
Price: € 1395 / € 1495 * p.p.
Miles: approx. 600

Days: 11

On board: August 1 at 12 pm in Longyearbyen

Off board: August 11 before 12 pm in Tromsø

* The highest price is per person is for a berth in one of the two 2-person middle cabins with private shower and toilet. The four 2-person front cabins share 2 toilets and 2 showers.



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