Bergen – Den Helder (The Netherlands) 2020

Vuurtoren Floro

W11 Bergen, Norway – Den Helder (The Netherlands)
September 11 – 22  2020

Our last trip from the North bound for the Netherlands begins on September 11th …. The Anne-Margaretha will visit beautiful fjords along Norway’s western coast, which will naturally include the stunning Prekestulen with its +600 meter cliff! Our ship moors in a small harbor nearby, and from there we’ll jump on a bus to this illustrious rock to take in the remarkable view!

Stavanger, our last “big” port, has a pleasant old town that you will enjoy.

Then we sail further south through the islands to finally make the crossing over the North Sea to the Netherlands. This round the clock portion of the sailing trip takes approximately 3 days.

We will finish this wonderful trip in the North of the Netherlands: Den Helder.

Dates: September 11-22, 2020
Price: € 950 / € 1050 * per person
Days: 12

Miles: approx. 500

* The higher price is for a spot in one of the two 2-person middle cabins with private shower and toilet. The four 2-person front cabins share 2 toilets and 2 showers.
On board: Friday, September 11th at 12:00 pm in Bergen
Off board: Tuesday, September 22nd in Den Helder

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