Iceland- Greenland- Iceland 2019

Bild: Clare Thorpe

G.10 Iceland- Greenland- Iceland
August 25 – September 9, 2019
(booked up)

We start this special trip in Akureyri in Northern Iceland. Depending on the weather, wind and ice, we will set course for the Scoresby Sund, the enormous fjord on the east side of Greenland.
Every year it is a surprise how far we are able to sail here due to the ice conditions.
In 2016 the Anne-Margaretha was able to go far in, since it was a very mild year.
The route cannot exactly be forseen: it depends entirely on the (drift) ice …
This round trip voyage ends in Akureyri, Iceland

Dates: August 25 – September 9, 2019

This trip is booked by a group led by the naturalist Rolf Stange.

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