Tromsø- Bear Island- Spitsbergen (Longyearbyen) 2017

P4 Tromsø- Bear Island- Spitsbergen (Longyearbyen)

An expedition from Norway to Bear Island to Spitsbergen!

This varied tour starts in the lively university city of Tromsø.  It’s worth arriving a little earlier to enjoy the beautiful environment and the city itself, including the Polar Museum and the impressive sea aquarium!

We will sail between the fjords to the north and on the Barentsz Sea.  After about 2.5 days sailing, we’ll spot Bear Island, a beautiful and sparsely inhabited island, where we will anchor on the west or east coast, depending on the wind.  If possible, we’ll visit the Norwegian radio station there.  There is always the option of qualifying for the Arctic Nude Swimming Certificate!

The journey continues on to the southern part of Spitsbergen. After about 1.5 days, the Anne-Margaretha sails into the Hornsund, if it is not blocked by ice. The Hornsund is one of the most impressive sunds (fjords) from Svalbard: magnificent glaciers, remains of whalers, sometimes polar bears, belugas (2016!), reindeer, walruses and of course all kinds of birds.  At the mouth of the Hornsund is a Polish weather / research station where we often receive a warm welcome.

After the Hornsund, we sail on to another spectacular setting: the Recherche Fjord.  In a sheltered bay at anchor, we let the spectacular wildlife surprise us.  Stone and fossil enthusiasts will “rock on” here!

Finally, we head for the wide Isfjord, anchoring in the Tryghamna where we often see (bearded) seals, reindeer, walruses and polar bear tracks sometimes .  The journey ends in the capital of Spitsbergen: Longyearbyen.  Longyearbyen is a student (university) – Miners- tourist town. It is definitely worthwhile allocating an extra day to soak up the atmosphere here.   From Longyearbyen there are daily flights to various mainland cities in Norway.

Check our photo album for more impressions of Spitsbergen: Spitsbergen, a compalation

Dates: May 21-June 3, 2017
On board: May 21 at 12:00 pm
Off board: June 3 before 12:00 pm
Number of days: 14
Price: € 1,295 / € 1,395 * p.p. in a two-person cabin

* The higher price is for a double cabin with private shower and toilet.




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