Punta del Este (Uruguay) – Punta Arenas (Chile)- Ushuaia2017

P14. Punta del Este (Montevideo, Uruguay)-Punta Arenas (Chile)- Patagonia sailing to Ushuaia (Argentina)

+++Last-Minute offer: € 895 p.p. +++

This is a very interesting trip for bird watchers and photographers!
The Anne-Margaretha continues its southerly sail, rather near the Argentinian coast, so we can see
sometimes the mountains. We will reach Strait of Magellan.
Positioned along the southern edges of the South American continent, this once-vital passageway is
named for the Portuguese adventurer, Ferdinand Magellan, the first explorer to circumnavigate the
This chosen route around the continent in 1520 though dangerous at times, proved to be the fastest
and safest connection between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for sea-going commerce and

Sheltered by mainland South America and the islands of the Tierra Del Fuego archipelago, this
route was considered much safer than the Drake Passage
Located on the Strait of Magellan, Chile’s Punta Arenas was once one of the most important supply
stops for mariners of the day, until the Panama Channel opened for business in 1914.
We have reached Patagonia now where the fauna and flora changes: we enter the world of the huge
albatrosses, petrols and other seabirds with thousands to admire. The humpback whales follow us to
the south, on their way to the Antarctic where we will meet them again!! Also, the temperature is
going down. The skies reveal an overwhelming beauty!
At the beginning of the southern summer (!) we will reach Beagle Channel and can admire the snow
topped mountains of southern Argentina; it feels as if we are sailing in Switzerland! We arrive at the
southernmost town in the world: Ushuaia, the end of this impressive trip and the beginning of our
Antarctic trips.
If you have enough time, book a room in a hostel here, because you are now at the end of the world
(Fin de Terra..) and it is really a spectacular part of the world!!

Dates: 24 November- 14 December 2017
On board: 24 November at 12.00 pm
From board: 14 December before 12.00 pm
Days: 21
Miles: 1685
Price: €1950- €2050* per person in a 2-person cabin  Last-Minute offer: € 895 p.p.


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