Galápagos Islands (Santa Cruz) – Panama – Cuba

P21 Galápagos Islands (Isla Santa-Cruz) – Panama (+ Panama Canal ) – Cuba

Miles: 1350
(Still 1 pl. available!)

Galápagos Islands

This is a journey with many highlights! We start on the Galápagos Islands, in the port of Santa Cruz, where the Anne-Margaretha is anchored. (A quay is not available)
If you have the time, we strongly recommend all to come a little earlier to Santa Cruz because it is totally worth it here to take the time for the special animal life! There are many ho(s)tels here.


Our trip goes first to Panama, where we must prepare for the day trip through the Panama Canal. Lots of paperwork for us (at least 2 days!), but guests can explore a bit this country / city.
The trip through the Panama Canal is spectacular! (Take a look at the pictures and the story in Historical Highlights on our site).
At the end of the canal we’ll find a small marina (Fuerte Sherman in Colón), where life is good.


Then the journey continues towards Cuba. The last time we were here was in 2010 (port of Santiago de Cuba). What has been changed? Do we find the friendly harbour master and the beautiful streets with all those old-timers? We hope so very much! Also that Cuba trip is an account at our Historical Highlights!
Here this trip with Anne-Margaretha will end.
Of course Cuba is again worthwhile to stay longer ..!

Date: May 19- June 9 2018
On board: May 19 at 12:00 pm
Off board: June 9 before 12:00 pm
Number of days: 22
Price: € 1,750 / € 1,850 * p.p. in a two-person cabin (!1 place available!)
* The higher price for a double cabin with private shower and toilet.


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