Cuba- Bermuda- Azores

P22. Cuba – Bermuda – Azores (Ocean Crossing)

Miles: 2600
A trip for the enthusiast sailors in warm regions ..!
Immerse yourself in the ocean swell, let everything just go and enjoy the skies, ocean life, the peaceful atmosphere and pleasant company.
First we’ll sail from Santiago de Cuba to Bermuda, where we buy provisions. We will stay here 1-2 days and then continue sailing to the Azores.
The first island we’ll see with the Anne-Margaretha and want to visit is Flores, the western most island of the archipelago. Stretch your legs and enjoy this beautiful green island. Finally, we set sail for the island of Faial and we’ll moor in the cozy town of Horta.
At Café Sport, the place where sailors from around the world come together, we can look back on our Ocean crossing.

Date: 13 June – 10 July 2018
On board: June 13 at 12.00 (Santiago de Cuba)
Off board: July 10 before 12:00 (Horta/ island Faial)
Number of days: 28
Price: € 1,250 / € 1,350 * p.p. in a two-person cabin
* The higher price for a double cabin with private shower and toilet.


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