Chilean Coast trip

P19. Along the Chilean coast (Puerto Montt – Arica)

Mileage: 1600

Upon leaving Patagonia we arrived in Puerto Montt – Chilean coast.
This part of the world has not yet been discovered by tourists, although the snow-capped volcanoes are alluring in the distance. Come early if you have some extra time before our departure, and rent a car to explore the area!
Embark the Anne-Margaretha at the port of Puerto Montt.
Our journey to the Pacific passes through a narrow waterway where we’ll meet a sea current of about 8 knots. There we will finally arrive at the seemingly endless Pacific Ocean. With some luck, we’ll see a group of blue whales in this area, which often migrates here to forage!


The Humbolt Current takes us to the north along with prevailing SSW winds.
We will spot the most beautiful birds, not seen anywhere else. Our book of Chilean birds is always at the ready. The cold Humbolt water is very nutritious and attracts many birds and other animals.
The Anne-Margaretha will take us further and further into the warm (!) north and where we hope to anchor near uninhabited islands and hidden coves along the Chilean coast.
One town we should not miss: Valparaiso! We will moor in a small harbor just before the city, and everyone will spend a day in Valparaiso, just a bus ride away. This city is for the most part on the world heritage list of UNESCO. The old town is magnificent, spruced up brightly, and you will find nice shops, bars and restaurants everywhere.
Perhaps on the way to Valparaiso, we will also stop at the colorful town of Valdivia.


The highlight of this trip are bird islands, including Isla Damas and Isla Santa Maria home to thousands of pelicans, various species of vultures and many other birds. You’ll usually meet no one there except the crew from the Anne-Margaretha!
At this point, the weather gets warmer, as we are now in the tropics. The water stays pretty cold by the Gulf Stream, so it’s not really a swimming holiday.

After 23 days of relaxing, we finally return to the reality of “normal life,” as we arrive in the bustling port city of Arica. Birds and sea lions laze about nicely on land between the coastline houses.
You are now leaving a totally different world than you’re used to at home. You might decide to stay one or more days in Arica, but then again, the plane is waiting.

This particular trip always books up quickly, so if you will enjoy please register as soon as possible.

Dates: 6-28 April 2018
On board: April 6 at 12.00 pm
Off board: April 28 before 12:00 pm
Number of days: 23
Price: € 1,650 € 1,750 * p.p. in a two-person cabin
* The higher price for a double cabin with private shower and toilet.


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