Cape Verde- Salvador de Bahia (Braz.) 2017

P12 Cape Verde- Salvador de Bahía (Brazil)
(Atlantic Crossing, Ocean Sailing trip)

Atlantic Crossing!

Miles: ca. 2000
From Sao Vicente (Cape Verde), we will begin our Atlantic crossing. The trade winds take us across for an approximately 2.5 week long voyage. The rhythm of the ocean determines our life on board. We sail through the doldrums, where we can also encounter sudden downpours followed by the calms. During such a downpour you’ll have the chance to wash your hair with fresh water (!). Following this rain we sometimes see incredibly beautiful skies so keep your camera ready!
The ship’s fishing line will hang overboard to catch our “Fish of the Day.” You will also be regularly surprised by flying fish here. (Sometimes one will fly through the open windows or doors …). Once a swordfish chased a golden Dorado we had just gotten off the hook.

Of course, we’ll go to the magical archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, near the Brazilian coast where we will drop anchor, ending up surrounded with playful dolphins and turtles! The white beach there is unreal, a delicious place to enjoy the relaxed setting!
Then we’ll weigh anchor again and sail on to the coast of Brazil where we finally arrive at the port of Salvador de Bahía. This bustling Brazilian city is well worth an extra visit day!

Date: 12 October-2 November, 2017
On board: 12 Oct. at 12.00
On board: 2 Nov. before 12:00
Number of days: 22
Price: € 1,250 € 1,350 * p.p. in a two-person cabin
* The higher price for a double cabin with private shower and toilet.


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