Azores Round Trip

P23. Round trip sailing Azores (Faial-Faial)  (Booked up)
Miles: 250

This 10 day Azores tour we start on Faial Island (harbor of Horta).
This stunning island of flowers, full of blue hydrangeas (!) is well worth a longer stay!
We are taking day trips, hopping from island to island and on each island we’ll stay one day so everyone has a chance to enjoy the atmosphere of it.
You can take walks, usually there are bicycles for rent, or you can rent a car. You can go alone or join a group.
The exact sailing route depends on the wind, but we’re almost certain to visit São Jorge, Graciosa and Terceira. Depending on the time and wishes of the guests we may visit other islands as well.
The Azores are known for their delicious summer temperatures at this time, and we look forward to enjoying beautiful wild flowers, visits by dolphins and whales (sperm whales!) They can be found everywhere here ..!
Since the Azores get quite a lot subsidy, everything here is very affordable. (!)

Date: 12- 21 July 2018
On board: July 12 at 12.00 pm
Off board: July 21 before 12:00 pm
Number of days: 10
Price: € 1,050 / € 1,150 * p.p. in a two-person cabin
* The higher price for a double cabin with private shower and toilet.


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