Newsletter – September 2018

20 September 2018

Anne-Margaretha Completes her Fourth World Trip!

On August 23, the Anne-Margaretha re-entered Spaarndam harbor in the Netherlands to a wonderful welcoming party, bringing her almost year-long voyage to a close.
Heinz and the crew look back on the many highlights, such as the extraordinary nature and delightful conversations, along with more challenging moments like the 6 crossings over the tremendous Drake Passage….We met so many interesting people, and the ship still seems to be happily buzzing with our passengers and crew!
This world expedition is always special with ever-changing groups as our 22-meter boat travels around the world. You have to do it together; everyone contributes in their unique way to the on-board ambiance. Some have assessed the sailing and sharing of a relatively small space differently, but usually everyone does their best and the impressive nature lends a big helping hand!

On the Dock
The Anne-Margaretha had to be on the dock immediately at the beginning of September for inspections, and once out of the water we saw an almost undamaged ship that stood proudly on the dock: so many miles traveled and still so flawlessl!

The “Rees”
In October she will sail in the Race of the Classics for Young Professionals (“The Rees”): 12 enthusiastic people (up to 35 years of age) from the business world compete in the Dutch Classic Sailing Ships, a sporting competition for honor and a trophy cup! We enjoy getting to know new people from the business world, and if the race takes place in the Netherlands, it is a “cherry on the top” of a great sailing season.

And then Anne-Margaretha can enjoy her well deserved rest until the end of April. Of course we use the winter to get her in tiptop shape again for the next season.

Sailing Season – 2019
We are already looking forward to next year’s sailing season: this time we will stay in Europe and the ship will “only” be five months underway.
We have planned eleven voyages, five of which are already fully booked … Fortunately, we still have several places available for fans of Anne-Margaretha and her travels:
G1: The journey from Spaarndam to cozy Bergen, Norway (May 1-11, 2019)
G2: From Bergen to Bodø, along and through the fjords of the Norwegian coast (May 13-24, 2019)
G5: The only Spitsbergen trip (round trip from Longyearbyen) where we still have room for people who do not want to wait any longer for the ice to retreat even further and the polar bears to become scarcer…. (June 24- July 7, 2019)
G8: The popular crossing from Spitsbergen, via Bear Island to Tromsø (July 30 – August 9, 2019)
G9: The beautiful crossing from Tromsø to Iceland (stop on Jan Mayen ??) with a few days sailing along the Icelandic coast (August 11-23, 2019)
G11: The spectacular journey from Iceland, via the Faroe Islands to the Netherlands (September 11 – October 1, 2019)

Thanks to all of our guests for the nice trips we have had together. We hope to welcome you and many others back on board next year.

We wish you all a colorful autumn!

Greet and Heinz

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