Newsletter September 2017

9 September 2017


Anne-Margaretha Commences Her Southern Journey!
Under beautiful skies with sail-worthy winds, the Anne-Margaretha departed Spaarndam (NL) for her 4th World Trip, on Friday September 1.
“Bye- bye (Grandpa) Heinz!”
“Bye, enthusiastic crew and guests!!”
“Hello to new adventures!”
After our wonderful summer sailing season, we worked hard for five weeks preparing the ship with a great group of devoted and skilled people here in the Netherlands. Without all that help, it would not have gone so smoothly!
Meanwhile, the Anne-Margaretha went to Cherbourg, France for a short stop, after which she will sail the Gulf of Biscay to Portugal, and point southward, towards Antarctica!

Are there any places available?
To Salvador de Bahía (Brazil) we are (rather) full, but along the Brazilian coast, from the Uruguayan and Argentine coasts and on the Patagonia leg, we still have some available space. Call or e-mail us immediately for the latest information about availabilities on your favorite route!

Last Minute Offer:
We offer a discount from Uruguay via Punta Arenas / Patagonia to Ushuaia (P14): for € 895 you can enjoy this wonderful trip! The quick decision makers benefit first!

Along the Chilean coast (P19)
Due to 2 cancellations, a cabin has been released. This special trip, especially for bird lovers (!), is a calm sailing leg often with southerly winds along the Humbolt Stream that flows from south to north. This cold Gulf Stream provides food-rich water, which attracts birds. We have also seen  Blue whales and Sperm Whales here! Of course, a visit to the beautiful city of Valparaíso is unforgettable!
In short, a fantastic trip with spectacular views, wildlife and an introduction to charming Chilean locales like Puerto Montt (our starting point), Valparaiso, and Arica (this leg’s final destination.) We travel close to beautiful uninhabited islands, owned by thousands of birds!

Follow the ship
At “Anne-Margaretha live”  you can follow the ship’s progress. If we are more than 30 miles off the coast, then the connection becomes more moderate or it may stop.
We regularly post updates on the site at “Travel Stories/ Season 2017-2018
There you can find stories and pictures of this 4th World Trip.

We wish everyone a beautiful autumn. Who knows, we may meet one another on board the Anne-Margaretha, in this splendid world of sailing adventure.

Greet and Heinz

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