Newsletter May 2019

29 May 2019

To the High North!
Nature had finally awakened in Europe, while the Anne-Margaretha was sailing towards the Arctic, and a different kind of Springtime. The strong northern winds forced us to wait for a while at Terschelling (an island north of the Netherlands), but finally the wind gods welcomed us and we made the crossing to beloved Norway!
We have already made 2 wonderful journeys this year. Especially during the trip from Bergen to Bodø, Norway, we sailed under clear blue skies! Everyone enjoyed it and Heinz celebrated his birthday at the Swartizen Glacier with beautiful weather, the most beautiful gift of all!
We continue on May 27th to enchanting Lofoten and then on to Spitsbergen.

Availabile booking – 1st 2019 Spitsbergen trip, 1 person…
All other journeys (up to October 1) are fully booked, so take your chance! From June 24 to July 7th we make an impressive journey (trip G5) from Longyearbyen to the north of Spitsbergen and back. We will navigate based on how far the ice pack diverts us to the east this year….

The 2020 Program
We are still studying the data, but we will almost certainly return to Norway and Spitsbergen next year. Greenland and Iceland are still uncertain, unless a group applies for this trip. If not, we will go south from Spitsbergen via the Lofoten.

Sign up for a trip
For the 2020 trips to and from Spitsbergen and the Spitsbergen round trip, we already have quite a few interested people on the list. We will probably make 2-3 Spitsbergen trips, so places are available!

Follow the ship
For those staying at home, it is often nice to virtually follow the Anne-Margaretha. If you download the MarineTraffic app, you can see us … as long as we are no more than 30 miles from the coast. No panic if we are not visible for a while: that indicates that we are sailing in the middle of the sea. Look again a day or so later!

We wish you a nice start to the summer and we may see each other soon on board!

Greetings, Greet and Heinz

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