Newsletter May 2016

23 May 2016

May 2016

Anne-Margaretha in Norway
The Anne-Margaretha's been a few weeks underway in Norway now and the Lofotes have been reached!
The weather is beautiful: the various groups make wonderful walks and there are a lot of sailing moments.

Some free places
On the first Spitsbergen trip ( 16-28 June) we still have 1-2 places available, so who can decide quickly ..!

Season 2017-2018
The Sailing Program for 2017-2018 is already a while on our site, but the descriptions are there now also! 
25 Trips: in the spring and summer from Haarlem to Spitsbergen and back and next the long trip to the south at the end of the summer of 2017. 
Then 3x to Antarctica and through the Chilean coastal waters (Patagonia), along the Chilean coast,  the Galápagos Islands, Panama (Canal), Cuba, Bermuda to the Azores. In August 2018 we will be back in Europe via Spain and France!
It will be a long and challenging season for the Anne-Margaretha ..!
All journeys have their specialty! Choose something beautiful. A combination of trips is of course possible.
A few trips are already booked up (Antarctica trip 2 and Patagonia ) ... but on most trips there are enough places available.
(The journey along the Chilean coast is quite popular and is already partially pre-booked. Don't wait too long if you want to make that trip).
We wish you many beautiful days in the spring and a lovely long summer season!
Sailors Greetings
Greet and Heinz

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