Newsletter March 2018

15 March 2018

The trips to Antarctica
The three beautiful trips to Antarctica are now finished. The 500+ mile Drake Passage crossing comes with its challenges…, but being in Antarctica has always made the crossing worthwhile. We enjoyed being in pristine nature, its extraordinary scenery, wildlife-watching, celebrating the Christmas and New Year in this beautiful setting, learning from one another and developing new friendships. On Friday, March 9, the Anne-Margaretha returned to Ushuaia after a special farewell from the Drake: 2 heavy storms with >70 knots wind! During the 24 times Heinz has crossed the Drake, even he has never experienced this.

Patagonia and more
Taking a long rest from the exciting crossing is not possible, because the Patagonia trip awaits! This is also a spectacular journey. From the ship, we see the breathtaking nature of the southern tip of South America: Chile’s stunning mountains and glaciers. In Puerto Montt, our next group boards for the beautiful trip along the Chilean coast to the northernmost city of Chile, Aríca. We then go on to the wonderful world of the Galápagos Islands (these voyages are fully booked), further through the Panama Canal and then to Cuba. Due to a cancellation, there is still a place on this leg of the trip. See: Galapagos-Cuba

A Few spaces still available
(13 June to 10 July)  On the journey from Cuba to the Azores via Bermuda (1 day there)   we have some spaces available. Let us know if you would like to join us on this wonderfully relaxing journey!
The Azores round trip is also fully booked, but from the Azores to Spain, there are 2 spaces available, from La Coruña, Spain to France and Channel Islands and finally to the Netherlands there are also some beds available. See: La Coruña-the Netherlands

A longer stay in the Azores? AbbyVille!
For a few years now, the Dutch couple Ebrina and Thijs run a small eco-camping spot with well-appointed tents at Terceira in the Azores! They have a cozy outdoor kitchen and guests can use the vegetables and herbs from their garden. People who make a trip with the Anne-Margaretha can spend a wonderful time here before or after their sailing trip. Indicative price: € 40 for 2 persons / night.
Be inspired by their website:

Travel 2019
Within a few weeks our new sailing program for 2019 will be posted on our website!
We will sail our iconic trips to Norway and Spitsbergen. New next year is that we will return via Iceland !! From Iceland we travel to Greenland in August/September (trip completely booked…!)
A very special journey follows: from Iceland via the Faroër Islands to the Shetlands/ Orkney Islands, and back home to the Netherlands.
So 2019 will be a varied and interesting season and we will keep you informed of our plans.

We wish everyone a wonderful spring and hope to see you on board the Anne-Margaretha!

Sailors’ greetings,
Greet and Heinz

photo: Caletta Beaulieu in Patagonia

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