Newsletter March 2017

5 March 2017

The countdown has begun

Although it is still quite cold, we’re already looking forward to Anne-Margaretha’s departure for Norway on April 15th.
We have complied with all requirements, such as storage compartments in the bilge, and the new shiny paint work greets us, promising another great sailing year! Thanks to the loyal support of Andrea, and Heinz’ relentless work, the inside of the ship looks beautiful again!
We’re going to make 25 (!) trips between April 15th and the end of August 2018 …. We have never made so many trips in succession.
At the February informational meeting, on the most beautiful snow-day in Holland, we met many new guests. Our take away is that we have great new sailors with a lot of sense!

Do we still have places available?

Some trips are fully booked (3x Antarctica, Patagonia); a number of trips have 1-2 places (Lofotes 1, Chilean coast 2, Galapagos- Cuba 1) and on the other trips we have several places available.
There is (thankfully) a lot of interest in our trips and we are pleased that our formula is appreciated!

For the 7th year in a row, we will enjoy our signature trips to Svalbard, Norway.
Each year again these trips to the North are a highlight for us! We thought we had seen it all, but every year unveils surprises: in 2016, we encountered a group of blue whales that enchanted Anne-Margaretha visitors three (!) times. It was extraordinary to observe the largest mammals on earth from our deck!
Polar Bears did struggle in 2016, because Spitsbergen had a real winter (and there were few seals on the sparse ice …). A dead whale in the far east attracted many famished polar bears.

We have followed the temperatures in Svalbard closely and fortunately, the temperatures have been below freezing, so we hope for plentiful food for the polar bears. A bountiful feeding season translates to well-fed animals with 1-2 cubs!

We will have awesome trips to Svalbard with spectacular moments: we can spot walruses (swimming from an ice floe) on floating sea ice and curious polar bears trudging through the snow, and swimming along the coast, as we observe from the safety of our ship, and .. ??)
On these Spitsbergen trips we still have some places available.

We wish everyone a wonderful spring, and we hope to meet many of you on board the Anne-Margaretha in the coming months!

Greet and Heinz

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