Newsletter June 2020

8 June 2020

2020, a different season…

Like many of our fellow skippers / ship owners, we also have a “lost” season this year. The consequences of the virus are great in our travel industry ..! Norway will keep the borders closed to us until at least August 20…

Of course you always have to see it in perspective (healthy, still to eat …), but we cannot deny that it is a sad sailing season for our guests and for us.
We have to deal with it and try to figure out what is good .. (eg Heinz is experiencing a summer at home.., etc.).

2021 New trips!
We are still optimistic to continue planning the trips and on our site we already have the Sailing Program 2021!
Many of you who would be sailing a trip with us this year have put off the trip to next year. Especially the Lofoten trips (B3 and B8) are therefore almost fully booked. Here and there a place available.
The Greenland trip was just on the site, and the bookings arrived quick! Basically this trip is already booked up, but you can be on a waiting list, just in case…
The trip from Tromsø to Spitsbergen (B4) and the trip from Spitsbergen to Tromsø (B7) are also very popular and are already filling up.

Just like you, we hope that we will be able to sail soon and that we can go back to the sea and enjoy our freedom to our beloved Norway!

We would like to thank many of you who have support us in recent months! We really appreciated it!

We wish everyone a healthy and nice summer!

Greet and Heinz

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