Newsletter July 2017

9 July 2017

Back from Spitsbergen, Norway!

After two beautiful Spitsbergen trips, the Anne-Margaretha has crossed the Barents Sea, and is returning to mainland Norway.
Spitsbergen is always surprising: this year there was a late winter, and upon our early June arrival, it still lingered. Because of weeks of northerly winds, the pack ice was pushed into the fjords of northern Spitsbergen. As a result, the northern fjords were still frozen and we could not visit the Liefdefjord, where we always like to spend a few days.
Fortunately, in Spitsbergen on the (north) west coast there is always a lot to see, and we were so lucky to be able to sail around on a beautiful sunny day in the pack ice! There were Minke whales, bearded seals and dazzling white ice as far as we could see. Everyone was very impressed with this magical landscape!

During the 2nd Spitsbergen trip, luck was also with us: in total we saw 12 (!) Blue whales around the ship. Adrenaline….
Lots of pole foxes, reindeer (with calves), occasionally belugas (and their song !!) … Unfortunately, no polar bear sitings this time: they were probably far back in the east on the pack ice.

Anne-Margaretha arrives late July in the Netherlands

From Tromsø we travel more or less directly to The Netherlands with an expected return to Spaarndam on July 26th.
We then roll up our sleeves to ready the ship for its next expedition. There is hard work to be done inside the ship and in+ out the water: painting, maintenance, certification preparation etc. etc. and of course the replenishment of supplies ..!
Fortunately, we have an enthusiastic group of helpers, so we have the full confidence that it will all work!


On September 1st, our 4th world trip begins!
Many routes have already been booked up ( or almost), but just on the 1st trip: Spaarndam-Lisbon (Cascais) from 1-12 SEPTEMBER we still have some places available!
For this trip: the LAST MINUTE price of € 550 per person. Sign up quickly if you want to experience this wonderful trip!

P11: La Palma – Cape Verdes Islands: Here there are also still a few places available.
P 13+ P14: From Salvador de Bahía to Ushuaia (2 trips) we also have enough space for people who like to sail from the tropics to rough parts on the globe, including Patagonia!

We are now enjoying summer, and wish everyone a sunny summertime!

Greet and Heinz

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