Newsletter July 2016

1 August 2016


Anne-Margaretha Departs Spitsbergen
This year’s trips in Svalbard were wonderful and varied! After last year’s mild winter, there was little sea-ice in the western fjords, allowing fewer places for seals to rest, where they are top fare on the polar bears’ menu…. During the second trip, we delightedly saw 4 polar bears, yet none were seen during the first trip!
The warm Gulf Stream does its job and provided the Isfjord (where Longyearbyen is) such high temperatures this winter (around 4-5º C), that freezing was not possible. Maybe it’s a temporary phenomenon, but we fear that it is the effect of Global Warming.

The Blue Whale!
Magnificent this season (both trips) were meet-ups with a number of blue whales at the mouth of the Isfjord! During the 2nd trip we had such beautiful weather that day with brilliant colors, we sited the great blue whale beyond any doubt, and once ID’ed they disappeared! They were undeniably blue whales: the size, the blows and the light mottled skin. Almost unreal to see the largest mammals on earth swimming so close to our ship!

Polar Bears in the Port of Ny Ålesund …
We are more or less “used” to seeing polar bears in Mushamna (Woodfjord.) A polar bear trudging along a cliff in Krossfjorden is also particularly, but not entirely unexpected.
But a few sailing miles out from Ny Ålesund, we heard the radio call via VHF: “Sécurité, sécurité: 2 polar bears in the harbor (of Ny Å/ Kingsbay)…!” If we had been there a little earlier, we would have had a mother bear with her cub practically alongside our ship…. We still saw them walking out of the village towards the glacier. What a beautiful view!

To Norway, Greenland and Iceland
Our last trip this year goes to Tromsø, where the Anne-Margaretha will be in the good hands of Clare and James for several weeks. They will sail with a group to Greenland, Iceland, Scotland and finally back to the Netherlands, where they are expected early September.
Exciting for them and exciting for us … We have faith in it!

Season 2017-2018
The program for the next season can be seen in four languages on our site. There has been a lot of interest already in several trips. Some guests have already pre-booked and can finally make their booking definitive starting August 1.
On August 1 the entries for all trips are open! Those who have already pre-registered, will then get sent a booking form (or can download from the site).

In autumn we still are racing a week with the Race of the Classics for Young Professionals on the North Sea and then we’ll take our winter hiatus. Of course, there is always a lot to work on the ship. Priority this year: all the paint work must be done within the ship. Do you want to help a/some day(s)? You are very welcome !! Let us know when you can.

We wish everybody a very nice continuation of the summer!

Sailors Regards,
Heinz and Greet

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