Newsletter January 2020

20 January 2020

Wintertime for the Anne-Margaretha
Our new berth at Willemsoord/Den Helder became active quickly. It is even more sheltered, and this old yard is becoming very attractive to visitors. (Worth a visit!)
Heinz has completely cleaned and painted the fresh water and dirty water tanks these past few weeks:a big job deep inside the ship. Fortunately we had a lot of help from mate Mareike!
It is a pity that we have not had any serious snow and ice until now, but at least the fair weather is good for shipworking.…
Would you like to visit the ship?
From mid-February, if we think the work is just about finished, you are welcome on board again! Please make an appointment in advance.

Is there still place in the 2020 voyages?
Since we last wrote, most journeys have begun to fill up.
Fully booked now:
W3 Lofoten 1
W7 Spitsbergen 3
W8 Spitsbergen-Tromsø
W9 Lofoten 2
Almost fully booked:
W4: Tromsø-Spitsbergen (1 pl.)
W5: Spitsbergen 1 (2 pl.)
Places still available:
W1 (Den Helder, Neth.- Bergen N.), W2 (Bergen- Bodo),
W6 (Spitsbergen trip 2), W10 (Bodo-Bergen), W11 (Bergen- Den Helder, Neth.)
(For some trips we are holding reservations, so sign up if you want a trip!)

Shining a spotlight on a special trip: Bergen to Bodø, and Bodø to Bergen back again!

Unknown regions …
One fantastic trip is the hike/sailing trip along the Norwegian coast from the lively town Bergen to Bodø (or later in the season: Bodø-Bergen)!
During the W2 trip (7-18 May) the Anne-Margaretha will be moored at the entrance of the “gammele” (= old) city of Bergen. Take a few hours to see this historic area!
The journey to the North (above the Arctic Circle) follows a mostly inland route along the islands, such as from the entrance of the Sognefjord to the island of Silda. We have been sailing here for years and can still surprise our guests with beautifully idyllic places where we moor and hike.
For birdwatchers: In May we will visit Runde, where there is a large colony of gennets, high up on the rocks and a nearby puffin area. Other islets are real bird islands where we will share special places for bird observation.
Further north we will cross the Arctic Circle.
One highlight is always the hike to the breathtaking blue Swartis Glacier in the Hollandfjord.
During this trip you will see Norway at its best: from the water.
Let yourself sail along the coast and enjoy this delightful journey with us.
You’d like to come? Look at our website for booking procedures.

We wish you pleasant winter months ahead!

Greetings from Greet and Heinz

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