Newsletter January 2019

17 January 2019

Best wishes for 2019!
We hope that 2019 will be a beautiful and healthy year for everyone!
For us it means new travel destinations, a different home and more ..!

Traveling with the Anne-Margaretha
We are very excited about the new travel destinations this year: Iceland, Greenland, Faeroer Islands, perhaps the Shetland Islands. Fellow sailors have given us all sorts of tip about the most beautiful places there ..!
Except for the Greenland trip we have some places on the trips to and from Iceland!

Of course we start the season with the well-known trips for us: to Norway, along the Norwegian fjord coast, including the Lofoten and then via Bear Island to Spitsbergen!
We will make 3 trips in Spitsbergen. Just on the 1st trip we still have 1 place available …

Here and there we have some free places:
G1 Spaarndam-Bergen (N): 1 pers.
G2 Bergen-Bodø: 1 woman
G5 1st Spitsbergen trip: 1 pers.
G9: Tromso – Iceland: 4 pers.
G11: Iceland-the Netherlands: 4 pers.
(these numbers can diminish per day …)

The Anne-Margaretha has received a bit less attention because of our move, but fortunately our mate Mareike has taken good care of her. Soon there will be worked on board and than she will be able to sail tip-top again in the spring.

Still far away, but it still has our attention: we are going to Spitsbergen again that year. Some groups have already registered. If you want something special (e.g. with a group) we can now discuss what is possible. Let’s hear from you!

We wish everyone a happy winter!

Heinz and Greet

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