Newsletter January 2017

12 January 2017

2017 has begun!

We are preparing for a long journey …
It is in many ways a special year for us, for we will embark on our 4th world trip!
In mid-April the Anne-Margaretha leaves for our beloved Norway with its impressive coasts, fjords and the Lofotes. From there we travel to Tromsø, Bear Island and on to Spitsbergen!
Prior to departure, there is of course much to do on board. The bow is already freshly painted and the mirrors have been replaced. Everything is nice and shiny!

What kind of trip would you like to make?
Scope out our northern journeys :
Combination of day-and-night* sailing and beautiful landscapes for occasional hikes :
. P1 IJmuiden-Bergen (April15-25)
. P4 Tromsø-Bear Island-Spitsbergen (21 May-June 3)
. P7-Bereneiland-Spitsbergen-Tromso (4-11 July),

Sailing Day Trips (With some day-and-night sailing), lots of hiking in surrounding areas:
. P2 Bergen Bodø (27 April- May 7)
. P3 Lofoten ramble (9-19 May)

Photo Safari Spitsbergen: Day trips with many landings (Day and night light!):
. P5 I Spitsbergen
. P6 Spitsbergen II

Voyage, probably non-stop, so a “miles-maker”:
. P8 Tromsø- Netherlands

* From mid-April on, the nights become considerably shorter. Once in Tromsø, nighttime pratically disappears!
Further information about these trips is on our website, click here: Sailing Program 2017-2018.

There will be more information about our southern trips in the next newsletter, which will be posted online in our Sailing Program 2017-2018.

We wish you all an inspiring and peaceful 2017!
Greet and Heinz

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