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Newsletter January 2016

25 January 2016

January 2016
Winter Work
As always if the Anne-Margaretha is on the shore in Spaarndam, we are working hard in the ship. Things you’ll never see as a guest, such as water pipes, drains etc., all are inspected and, if necessary (often!) renovated.
The tanks must be opened and cleaned once in a while. Not one of the most favorite jobs. Fortunately, Heinz had considerable support from Andrea! The “dirty part” has been completed and now they are engaged in the “stinky part”, the painting. Fortunately, the end is in sight!

A few more months
Three months pass quickly! We are already thinking about the logistics for the supply and the maps are updated again.
The bookings are good and we just have divide here and there just a few spots.

The journey from IJmuiden to Bergen is basically full, but in Stavanger a group goes from board and we than have place from Stavanger to Bergen (data: 23-29 April = 7 days) for a number of people. This may be combined with the following trip: Bergen-Bodo, where we still have a number of free places.
For full details see the Sailing Program, or email / phone us.

Lofoten trip and 2 Spitsbergen Trips
Free places?
These trips are almost full.
At the Lofoten trip is still place for one man and one woman.
At the 1st Spitsbergen trip, there is one place for a man and one cabin (2 pers.).
The 2nd Spitsbergen trip has one place for a woman or man

The trip from Spitsbergen to Bear Island and Tromsø is booked up.

We wish everyone some nice skating days(?), but then again a wonderful spring and many great sailing days!

Sailors regards,

Greet and Heinz

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