Newsletter February 2022

6 February 2022

Preview to the 2022 season

The Anne-Margaretha is patiently waiting in Enkhuizen until April when she can sail with us again to the “High North”! After her delightful annual voyages, Heinz works busily during the winter, making the ship tiptop shape again. We regularly receive visitors who enjoy hearing of her expeditions while checking out the ship.

We are now more or less getting used to the corona measures and we also know that our travels will continue, as long as another, serious variant does not suddenly appear….
Norway (+ Spitsbergen) have been cleared for access: arrivals must be fully vaccinated, and with a QR code. Of course, we don’t know yet whether that policy will change in the coming months. Keep an eye out yourself too!

On which journey are places still available?
Trip M1: Enkhuizen- Bergen (25 April-6 May 2022)
This journey goes via the IJsselmeer to the Wadden Sea and then between Vlieland and Terschelling we enter the North Sea. After about 3 days heading north, we see the mountains of Norway looming: always an imposing and familiar sight! The trips along the Norwegian coast are so impressive and often surprising!
During this trip we will visit the Prekestule: one of the most famous rocks in Norway that hangs diagonally over the Hadanger fjord and from which you have a breathtaking view!
Bergen is our final destination on this journey. It is a lively city with a lot of history.

We still have places for 4 people on this first trip.

Trip M2: The Coastal Journey from Bergen to Bodø (8-19 May 2022)
This sailing trip largely goes “inside” along islands and fjords. We visit the island of Silda and the bird island Runde, where we can admire thousands of gannets, sea eagles and puffins in the spring!
Since we have been coming here for years, we know all kinds of beautiful anchorages and hiking areas.
Further north we cross the Arctic Circle and sail on to the Holland fjord with the beautiful Svartisen glacier! We take a walk to the glacier so you can get close to the dark blue ice.
Along the way we occasionally throw out a fishing rod and in the evening we can enjoy fresh mackerel (and with a bit of luck cod or even garfish..!)
This is a real sailing-walking holiday!

We still have 5 places available on this trip.

On the M7 trip (Spitsbergen to Tromsø July 18-29) there is still 1 place available
There are still 2 places available on the M9 trip (Bodø to the Netherlands/Enkhuizen).

The trips M3, M4, M5, M6, M8 are fully booked.

We wish everyone a hopeful look to the future and also look forward to seeing you again on board the Anne-Margaretha!

Greet and Heinz

(photo: Trollfjord)

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