Newsletter February 2021

23 February 2021

We quietly await…
There’s been a real Dutch winter this year, and the Anne-Margaretha has been “enchanted,” otherwise known as “frozen” in Enkhuizen’s waters. We celebrate a bit of winter magic…!
Like everyone else, we must wait to see how all the safety precautions and vaccine rollouts go during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Norway maintains its red/black list: tourists are still not yet welcome.
We continue to hope that with the milder weather, vaccinations, testing options and the consequences of the lockdowns, there will be a positive outlook.
Can we leave the Netherlands on April 19? Nobody knows.

Make a decision…
Of course, at some point we have to take the plunge: if we can’t leave on April 19, what’s next?
Just like last year, we have all kinds of scenarios ready.
Every guest (and every crew member) will be notified of our options as soon as possible.
We want to sail just as much as you do and will do everything we can to carry out our offered trips!

Informational Afternoon Session canceled…
Unfortunately, we cannot hold an information afternoon this year.
Of course we are available by email and telephone for all your questions!

Availabilities and Conditions
We are very happy that many people remain optimistic with us and have booked a trip. Many trips are already fully booked, but there is still room on the following trips:
Trip B1: Enkhuizen-Bergen (April 19-30), 4 pl. available, but as said: not sure if we can leave by then.
Trip B2: Bergen-Bodø (May 3-14), 4 pl. available. This travel date may change if we are not able to leave on April 19.
Trip B6: Spitsbergen 2 (July 3-14). Another 4 pl. available
Trip B9: Bodø – Iceland (August 14-25). Another 6 pl. available

Conditions for Our Trips
If we are unable to make a trip due to Covid-19 measures, you have options:
1. Move to a later time in the year
2. Postpone to next year (2022, at the 2022 price)
3. Cancel and get your money back.
For further details, we will gladly explain by telephone or in writing.

Dear all,
This difficult time will one day be behind us.
Of course, the most important thing is that you and your loved ones stay healthy!

Thank you very much for the uplifting emails we receive from you every now and then.

Hope to see you soon!

Greet and Heinz

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