Newsletter December 2021

13 December 2021

Looking forward with optimism
The Anne-Margaretha is back at her winter berth in Enkhuizen.
Aside from the usual maintenance, we don’t have any major “renovations” in mind, but you never know.…
Despite the uncertain times, we will continue to prepare for next season. Fortunately, many of you are also optimistic and the bookings are coming in nicely. (Some have already postponed their trip twice…).

Last year there was great uncertainty about entry requirements of, for example, Norway. Confusion everywhere! Now it is clear that Norway requires either full vaccination documentation or recovery documentation from the Corona virus. Otherwise a negative PCR home test, a quarantine in Norway, etc are currently entry options. As long as the virus is actively circulating, we will also adhere to those rules.

Availabilities in 2022:
On the first 2 trips: M1 (Enkhuizen-Bergen) and M2 (Bergen-Bodø) we still have quite a few places.
Trip M3 (Bodø-Tromsø) and M4 (Tromsø – Bear Island-Spitsbergen) are fully booked.
Trip M5 (1st Spitsbergen Journey) has 1 place left.
Trip M6 ( 2nd Spitsbergen Journey) still has 5 (!) places.
We still have plenty of places available on the M7 (Spitsbergen-Tromsø), M8 (Tromsø- Bodø = 2nd Lofoten voyage) and M9 (Bodø- Netherlands) voyages.

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy 2022!

Greet and Heinz

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