Newsletter December 2020

10 December 2020

To our Guests, Interested people, Friends and Family,

The bizarre year 2020 is coming to an end.
So much has happened to all of us this year. We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are in good health; that is of course the most important thing!

We have all experienced a life that wasn’t normal in 2020, and yet we hope for a brighter future. While all of our sailing trips were cancelled, we are gradually hearing more positive news with vaccine distribution in sight, and so we look forward.

It remains exciting for us to learn whether we can really cast off the ropes and start our sailing trips in April …. as Norway / Spitsbergen await, but we must be given permission to moor, and all logistics must be right to sail. We are ready for it!

What to expect now?
A large number of guests have postponed their trips from 2020 to 2021. Starting in January everyone who booked will receive a message / invoice from us with the new dates / conditions, etc.

Those of you who have changed your booked trip will also receive a new invoice and the 2020 deposit will of course be included in it.

We will inform you what is necessary to be allowed to come on board: test in advance ?, vaccinated ?, face masks mandatory in the ship ??? We don’t know yet: all of these safety measures depend on the results of testing and vaccination and the rules that follow.

Fleets remain in contact
Fortunately, we are affiliated with the BBZ, the Association for Professional Charter, and we have had many (video) consultations. All ships are eager to sail again and together we often come up with good or creative solutions.

The Anne-Margaretha
As I wrote in the previous Newsletter, our year-round berth on the salt water of Den Helder was not such a good place for our ship. We are now berthed in Enkhuizen, an historic harbor town where the Anne-Margaretha currently sits alone on the Gependam, (normally packed in the summer…)!
It is sometimes unreal to be on board: here we should be hearing the buzz of lively conversation from our guests and crew. The horizon always changes when you sail ….

Availabilities in 2021?
We still have availabilities on the B1, B2, B4, B6 and B9 trips. The other trips are full or almost fully booked. Take a look at the site at Sailing Program 2021 to see what you would like.

Dear people, we take courage and we hope you do too!

We wish you a hopeful Christmas and holiday season this year and a wonderful 2021!

Cordial greetings,
Greet and Heinz

(photo: there is always hope … Ny London on Spitsbergen)

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