Newsletter April 2021

25 April 2021

Dear all,

How are we all doing?
As everyone will understand, we collectively face travel dilemmas: will it still be possible to make several or any trips this season. Is there an alternative, what can we count on/hope for …?

Every day we collect as much (factual) news as possible from our government,  about Norway’s safety measures, as well as Europe’s…
We are in a constant flux between optimism and scepticism.
We understand very well that we must wait until the pandemic curve flattens, when the Covid vaccinations are sufficient for “herd immunity” to kick in. At that point, the borders will open again and we will all celebrate! With a 10-day quarantine in Norway, for example, our travels cannot take place.

Current travel plans
We had made a great sailing schedule last year, very optimistically.
Unfortunately, the measures forced us to cancel the first 4 trips. Visiting Norway before June does not now seem realistic.
We have now planned an alternative voyage to bring the ship to Spitsbergen, in order to be able to make the planned voyages according to schedule.
It is the CD journey: departure May 29 from Enkhuizen (the Netherlands) and after a long sea voyage via Tromsø to Bear Island. Then make a crossover to Spitsbergen and sail around in South Spitsbergen for as long as possible. On June 18 we will arrive in Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen).
The guests of the B4 trip and the people of the B1, B2 and B3 who would like to travel with our first alternative (the AB trip) are informed of this.

We have hope that this trip can take place, because we hear more and more that the travel world might (cautiously) re-open after May 15 (if Europe moves from code orange to code yellow).

In short
Planned now is:

Travel CD

Enkhuizen-Spitsbergen May 29-June 18
Number of days: 20
Price: € 1550 / € 1650 * (Highest price for center cabin with private shower and toilet)

From B5 Spitsbergen 1 everything according to the Sailing program.
If you would like to take part in a trip, please contact Greet. You will then immediately hear whether there is still place on your chosen trip!

Just like on board, we all pull together and hope to see smooth sailing with all healthy guests back on the Anne-Margaretha soon.

Best regards,
Greet and Heinz

NB Of course we follow the official health guidelines

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