Into the tropics

14 October 2017

12°23.56’N 024°46.24’W


It’s getting warmer and warmer

On the journey to the south you go with the wind and sea currents.
Little by little the water and temperatures inside the ship are getting hotter. At about 12 degrees N, the water temperature has now risen up till 30 degrees (C), and during the day the sun warms the ship to 40 degrees…
The wind is less and less and with the engine we are going further towards the equator. The main task for everyone is now cooling down. Spread over the ship, the shadowed places are occupied and they are immediately picked up when you need to go to the toilet ..! Buckets water help something against the heat; but…, water of 30 degrees …
This part of the trip you’ve go through quite a lot and I cannot imagine that people volunteer to the tropics in their holidays.

Because we are also on vacation … we just stopped the ship and opened the outdoor pool: clear water and the brave ones among us … 4800m depth!
You can take a swim there without any problems. In the mast there is a guard on the lookout for larger animals. With a little shiver, we enjoy the super experience to swim in 2m waves next to Anne-Margaretha!
Everyone climbed safe again via the pilot ladder on board and we continue our journey.

Greetings from everyone to everyone.


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